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  1. experimentjon

    whats features mean the most to you in flashlights?

    1. Design / Aesthetics - at this point, most single cell EDC lights have hit parity in objective performance characteristics, so most of the pleasure in collecting / using really comes from having lights that are just "cool". 2. UI - After many years, straying from HDS to go to simple 2 mode...
  2. experimentjon

    Zombie Apocalypse Flashlight - Four Color LED Tactical Strobe Maglite Flashlight.

    Just wanted to say that this is the most disorienting strobe I have ever seen. I've never found regular strobes (like the kind built into 4Sevens lights or any other makers') to be rather pointless for purposes of disorientation...but I would just close my eyes and go into the fetal position if...
  3. experimentjon

    Night trekking with McGizmo Haiku & Mule high CRI **PHOTO Intensive**

    Just wanted to bump this up and say great post. I do want a Haiku High CRI, and have come close to buying a used one here, but have kept holding back (that and I keep missing the AA versions that pop up). Perhaps one day soon, I'll get one to put next to my XML version. Your post has made me...
  4. experimentjon

    Different UI experiences and recommendations

    Having tried several over the years, my favorite is the 2 mode Surefire Backup tail clicky. High and Low with easy momentary: very simple. The McGizmo 3S engine is also nice, although I find changing modes a bit tricker because you need to time your clicks carefully--the same goes for the HDS...
  5. experimentjon

    Peak Eiger AAA Nichia 219 Mule...Where?

    I got mine (tuxedo, HiCRI, mule) from Overready. Got it super fast...and the last one in stock. It was my first mule light, and will probably be my last...the low lumen count plus the mule head really makes it a specialized light for looking at things up close at night...and is a bit too...
  6. experimentjon

    Do you like flashlights that remember last mode?

    Nope. I prefer having it come on with the exact same mode every time; no thinking necessary. To me, its not a big deal to click a few times to get to a brighter or different mode.
  7. experimentjon

    Nitecore D10 vs 4 sevens quark 123 for EDC

    I prefer the Quark because it has more levels on it. I think you will find the low modes on the quark especially useful. I'm not sure why you'd want the Quark 123 rather than the AA if you're comparing it to the Nitecore D10. I actually like the longer size of the Quark AA more. But the...
  8. experimentjon

    What's your favorite stock 1x CR123 light and why?

    HDS Ra Clicky. I've had it in my pocket every single day for the past month (since I have got it.) And it just impresses me every time. It does exactly what I want it to do...oh wait...that's because I programmed it. Just pure genius in a light. The Surefire E1B comes close though. I...
  9. experimentjon

    Outperform a E1B Backup?

    I love my E1B. The optic makes a very unique beam shape. But that said, HDS Clicky 170 is what's in my pocket nowadays, over the E1B.
  10. experimentjon

    Single AAA Clicky?

    The other option for getting a Preon 1 with a clicky is waiting for a Preon Kit to pop up on CPF MP. That's how I got mine. And I love it. I didn't like it much with the twisty action...although I found that if you press on the back of a regular Preon 1, it sort of turns into a momentary...
  11. experimentjon

    Which Fenix flashlight do you have ?

    I only have an LD10 and LD20, both R4. Great lights, love them. I've tried the TK11, which is also very impressive, but just doesn't have a low mode (not designed to), and I need a low-mode.
  12. experimentjon

    How is your HDS Ra Clicky set up?

    I just tried the momentary. The feature is actually very useful. I like it. So I have enabled it on both of my lights. I love how customizable this light is,
  13. experimentjon

    How is your HDS Ra Clicky set up?

    Yeah, the flash was brighter than I expected. I guess that's useful if you need to find it from a greater distance, but it would probably bother me when I'm in the dark. And I don't think I'd need it that often. I'm trying to decide whether I should attach a trit vial to it...If I did, I'd...
  14. experimentjon

    How is your HDS Ra Clicky set up?

    HDS Clicky 170 Force Setting: Disabled Button Lock: Disabled Automatic Turn Off: Enabled Locator Flash: Disabled Momentary: Disabled Customization: Disabled High [press-hold]: 170 (23) Primary [double-click]: 5.3 Lumens (13) Secondary [double-click]:30 Lumens (18) Low [triple-click]: .23...
  15. experimentjon

    HDS/Ra Clicky & Rotary Serial Number Registry! (Part 2)

    Re: Ra Clicky Serial Number Registry! (Part 2) I got mine today! Custom High CRI Clicky: 9905 Custom 170 Clicky:12802 No bad luck Chinese numbers in there. So I'm happy. :)
  16. experimentjon

    Night trekking with HDS clickies. Mainly High CRI. **PHOTO Intensive**

    Awesome shots. The coolest part was seeing how durian grows. I didn't know that it grew on the branches. Now, I'm super excited for my High CRI lights. And even if I was still on the fence about buying one, these shots would have convinced me. Beautiful artistic shots with some of the...
  17. experimentjon

    HDS EDC UI - double-click behavior

    Personally, I think that mikra's suggestion may be a bit too confusing for me, since I'd need to keep track of what mode I'm in and click then think about where it is going to go. Beautiful thing about the Quark is that it always does exactly what I think it's going to do when I click...
  18. experimentjon

    What's your favorite 1xAA LED light?

    Hands down, Quark AA Neutral, Regular. Actually, maybe not "hands down". The Quark AA Ti Regular is a close second for pure titanium coolness. If only I were savvy enough to transplant the internals of the neutral into a Ti body. AA has been and still remains my favorite body type because of...
  19. experimentjon

    Which is the best webite for online photo storage?

    Re: Which is the best webite for online phote storage? I've been using photobucket for a long time. The site is somewhat clunky, especially if you move your photos into different folders (which will then break the links). How is imageshack better? I used them a long time ago, but found...
  20. experimentjon

    HDS Flashlights News

    Henry is an astute businessman. He knows that if he tells people exactly what the next light is, and when it's coming, he knows people will wait for the next light, and not buy the current light. For those of us with Apple products like iPods or iPhones, we know this process of waiting for the...