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  1. saypat

    Emisar D4vn V2 - Smallest 18650 Quad R

    anyone else find the aux LED demo not working?
  2. saypat

    Sky Lumen Tange Prefected

    Re: Tange V2 - Yikes! agree, yikes!
  3. saypat

    Niteye Mini1vn - USB Pendant Light

    factory info link not working for me....
  4. saypat

    2019 Kick Off Sale CHEERS!!!

    Paypal sent for #20. May 2019 be a great year for SkyLumen.
  5. saypat

    2019 Kick Off Sale CHEERS!!!

    I will take #20 please: 20. Fireflies Black E07vn SST20 4000K Ice Blue AUX $55/$70 (as long as it has an 18650 adapter?) thank you, Happy New Year!
  6. saypat

    The Lounge 2018

    .Almost super car prices for sport car looks. A 911 carerra 4S well equipped is like $110-120K...That's ZR1 price... I heard someone was testing the new ZR1 and went thru a tank of gas in 15 minutes!
  7. saypat

    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    keep those gorgeous pictures coming!
  8. saypat

    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    great investment, lighting is always the key to a great photo.
  9. saypat

    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    Amazing pics on that red background! Superb!
  10. saypat

    2016 EDC Light Sale

    wondering if you will do anything with the Nitecore TIP?
  11. saypat

    D400vn - High Quality Dive Light

    does that count? Don't you actually have to take it diving with you?
  12. saypat

    R16vn - 18350 USB Beast

    discontinuing or discounting? Or both?
  13. saypat

    WormVN - Limited Run, 11 Only

  14. saypat

    The Lounge 2016

    Re: HELP!! I need a business name! LightAlaska
  15. saypat

    TN36UTvn - Pop Can King

    Re: 11,000+ Lumen Pop Can? ;-) Supfire M6
  16. saypat

    MX25L3Cvn KIT AKA The 6X - Best of 2014

    so that is the 2014 model with twisty UI? I'm EXCITED for the new 2 button UI, Nichia!
  17. saypat

    TK75vnQ - Best Searchlight

    should be called 'GIGANTOR'.
  18. saypat

    600th Email Subscribers Giveaway & Promotion

    I would like a D40Avn; XML2 Goldilocks tint (Nichia 219); 4.4A; 1400 lumen If I understand the promotion correctly, I get free batteries, a free Nitecore D4 charger; and 15% off. if true, that is rather amazing to me! If true, I will Paypal you $85. Please confirm. THANK YOU! patrick