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  1. experimentjon

    HDS SYSTEMS:mounting holes yes/no?

    This light is the one I would have loved to have bought from Turbodog. I was able to buy a 123 version of this light from him and it is by far my favorite HDS of all time BECAUSE OF THE CLIP. This bezel down configuration with the tapped holes (that take regular 4-40 screws) and this long...
  2. experimentjon

    HDS Systems EDC # 16

    Man, I need to get around to reading this book...maybe the High CRI rotary with a clip will be out by the time I do...but probably not.
  3. experimentjon

    HDS Systems EDC # 15

    I'm in the exact same boat. High CRI 170+ would be a winner for me. So would a Rotary with a pocket clip. High CRI on that would make it an instant buy. LOL.
  4. experimentjon

    HDS Systems EDC #14

    I have a question/problem. I bought my HDS Clicky High CRI 100 a while ago. But I'm pretty sure it has parasitic drain. After buying the light (along with a 170), I stopped coming to CPF for a while, since I found the grail light. But even back then, there was talk of parasitic drain, and...
  5. experimentjon

    Ra Clicky (HDS Systems EDC) - Part 11

    Thanks! That worked great. The hardest part to doing the reset was realizing that I needed to screw the head on all the way. I sat there for like 30 minutes trying it over and over again, thinking that I broke my light. I would screw it on just a little bit, the dim brightness for 7...
  6. experimentjon

    Ra Clicky (HDS Systems EDC) - Part 11

    Does anyone know if there is an output chart for the High CRI 100? Or do I just use the 141 chart starting on level 22?
  7. experimentjon

    Ra Clicky (HDS Systems EDC) - Part 11

    240?!? I swear, I need to stay away from CPF, because the technology keeps getting better...this makes my recent Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses purchase look like a great buy...those will (hopefully) never be out of date. This talk makes me wonder who picked up the rare 240/200 lumen lights? I...