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    Olight M3X - UT - Comfortable to Carry for General Use

    The L16 has 2000 lumen with cd 90800 and the M3X - UT 1200 lumen with cd 250,000. Which one would appear brighter at say 500m. Also is cd linear? (i.e. is 250,000 say 3x more intense than 90,800 to the eye).
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    Olight M3X - UT - Comfortable to Carry for General Use

    Hi All, My son wants a high powered thrower. He is only11. He has chosen the M3X-UT. Given the dimensions of this light is it comfortable to hold and carry for walks etc (i.e. is it front heavy given size of reflector and narrow body). Any other alternatives with similar output / beam and...
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    Best or worst way you killed or lost a light?

    Lost my Mag Light off the front of my bike late at night...never to be seen again. Getting home in the dark was not fun.
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    List the BEST/WORST flashlight purchases you have made.

    Best: SWMD40A - small and powerful abad best of all runs on my many Eneloops! Worst: Dolphin - purchased as needed something for the boat that would float. It ended up sinking when it first wen in the water.
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    What lights are on your purchasing radar?

    Im after a more powerful version of the SWM D40A. Love the beam pattern but need a bit more power - not sure where to start. Any thoughts would be welcome.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I used my SWM to play with my cat! Mia could not catch the light no matter how much she tried!