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    dont buy this light

    After testing this light I really don’t understand the criticism of it. The one I have is definitely a “Spot Light” not a flood light. The hot spot is not round and the edges are a little ragged if you shine it against a wall close up. However, outside at a distance (25 + yards) I did not...
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    dont buy this light

    RadioShack was selling them for $9.99 today also. So I got one. The instructions with mine said to charge it for 18 hours. I have it on charge now and it should be finished at 4 am. I am not going to get up at 4 am to turn it off. It will just have to over charge a couple of hours until 6...
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    Vector 3mcp

    I was in Target last night and I pick up a Vector 3mp just to look at it. I was very surprised at how heavy the light was. I would have to need a bright light awful bad to carry around something that heavy. James
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    2 M CP at Walmart

    Jace, can the Coleman be used on the DC adapter while it is charging? If it can I will go buy one. I have a Husky spotlight (1.2 Million CP) that came from Home Depot ($19.95). It has a nice tight beam but what I don’t like about it, is that it can not be used while it is charging. I want a...
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    dont buy this light

    [ QUOTE ] cheesehead said: Yup, and the new 2 million one at Sam's club (about 40) is just as weird. I guess it was supposed to be a practical flood light and not designed to blind people, but then, what's the point? [/ QUOTE ] That really surprises me, I have always found products with the...
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    Coleman Lanterns - Propane or Gas?

    I have two old Coleman gas lanterns (model 220F). I think they are about 30 years old and they have not been used for years until this weekend. Despite their age and period of long storage they worked perfectly (they made things good back in those days). I had a job to do that was related to...