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  1. Ras_Thavas

    Food prices and emergency planning

    No, but powdered milk is cheap enough, and that is one of the better uses for powdered milk.
  2. Ras_Thavas

    Food prices and emergency planning

    The most experience I have with #10 cans of food is with steel cut oats. I found it was significantly cheaper to buy #10 cans of oats from the net than to buy tiny cans from my grocery store. It takes me a while to use up a #10 can, but so far none of the contents have spoiled on me after...
  3. Ras_Thavas

    Food prices and emergency planning

    If you shop around you can find Mainstay rations at a decent price. Amazon has them for $50 for a case of 10. Remember, each Mainstay pack is 3200 calories. Depending on what your level of activity you could stretch that out over 2 days. I...
  4. Ras_Thavas

    An Emergency Water Epiphany

    The only problem I see with this filter is the micron size it will handle. It says it is good up to .4 microns. The Katadyn and Big Berkey both filter out particles up to .2 microns. I have also seen recently a couple of new items that would be useful for storing water. One is a bladder that...
  5. Ras_Thavas

    Where do you get your dehydrated food?

    Here is a decent deal from Costco online if you happen to be a member...
  6. Ras_Thavas

    Automatic Weather Indicators?

    You can always use the interweb Weather
  7. Ras_Thavas

    Anyone own this bag?

    Opon closer inspection, that bag looks nicer than the one I have. Mine has plastic hardware. One of the end sections on the one I have will zip all the way off and has straps so it can be used as a small backpack.
  8. Ras_Thavas

    Anyone own this bag?

    Well, I have the pre-cursor to it from around 1988 and it is still in good shape.
  9. Ras_Thavas

    Weld or Solder or other?

    Trust me, you won't be able to do it with that Weller. You need a iron with a broad chisel tip. I use a Hako model 936 soldering station to build my packs. I had tons of problems trying to build packs with other irons. I set the temp to 800 degrees. I use a dremil to scuff up the bateries...
  10. Ras_Thavas

    An Emergency Water Epiphany

    Sub is absolutely right about the water. Even though we use well water for our house we filter the water through a Big Berkey (a gravity filter similar to the one Sub listed). When hurricane Isabel hit here a couple of years ago we were without power for 1 week. Fortunately, a couple days...
  11. Ras_Thavas

    GPS question

    Garmin StreetPilots will tell you the upcoming turns by the street name. So if you needed to turn right on Main St the unit would tell you when you were close to Main St to "turn right on Main St." I have a Tom Tom. It tells you to turn right in 500 yards. The name of the street you need to...
  12. Ras_Thavas

    Another Survival light question, alternative power sources?

    I have a pair of the crank lights that Costco sells. They work fine, but I don't think they are waterproof. I figured if needed I can use these as a backup. I have small solar chargers that will recharge AA or AAA cells, but they can take a long time to fill a cell.
  13. Ras_Thavas

    Casio pathfinder PAW1200T-7V LOVE IT!!

    I bought the PAG-70T from Costco a few months ago. I really like it. It's pretty much my daily wear watch. The solar power is working great, no low power issues.
  14. Ras_Thavas

    Survival Kit LIght

    I'll throw another choice out here: Inova 24/7. You get some good runtimes off one battery. You could probably squeeze a spare battery in the kit also. Runtimes from Inova's web site: Low output white: up to 15 hours High output white: up to 6 hours Signal functions: up to 100 hours Red: up...
  15. Ras_Thavas

    I need a new digital camera..... Recommendations?

    Re: Anyone know anything about Cameras? I was at Costco the other day and noticed a Nikon D50 kit they have there, camera body, 2 lenses and I think a carrying case for $799. My friend has the D70 and loves it, but confesses he does not really know how to use all the functions.
  16. Ras_Thavas

    Vacuum cleaner recommendations

    LOL we did the same thing. Wife looked at the half full canaster on the Dyson and remarked that we had just cleaned the carpet with the old Hoover.
  17. Ras_Thavas

    Vacuum cleaner recommendations

    Ok, here is my one gripe about the Dyson. When you detach the wand and use the tools the coiled hose has a little too much tension, which sometimes causes the vacuum to roll back and hit me in the leg. In looking at the picture for the DC14 they have changed the design of that part, so maybe...
  18. Ras_Thavas

    Vacuum cleaner recommendations

    I have two cats. My Dyson eats up the cat hair with no problem. I empty the container outside into my trash can. Not any messier than a bag really, in fact it is probably cleaner. I can remember changing the bags on my old Hoover in the house. Invariably a puff of dust would come out while...
  19. Ras_Thavas

    Vacuum cleaner recommendations

    I also have a Dyson that I got from Costco. I give it 2 thumbs up.
  20. Ras_Thavas

    Rotary tool help.

    Application to the tool really depends on which kind of compound you have. I have a kit with about 6 different color compounds. They are in bar form, kinda like soap. You have to have the tool spinning to apply the compound to the tool. YMMV depending on the compound. I have seen softer...