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  1. tvodrd

    AUCTION: 24k gold SPY005 "goldfinger"

    $601.01 was one previous milestone in a CPF benefit auction. Will it be topped? :D Larry
  2. tvodrd

    Tritium Powered 0D Maglite

    :crackup: :thumbsup: I'm trying two of those spheres for my bedroom nightlight tonight. Larry
  3. tvodrd

    polishing cell

    Awsome, friend! :bow: Larry
  4. tvodrd

    Tiny Ugly *completed* CR2 Ti

    Tranq, another source for windows is Frei and Borel. If you google "metric O-rings," they are available in 1mm cross section (.040") and a large number of diameters. L.
  5. tvodrd

    Schulzendorf Delta 1 "small" german HID light

    Jochen, do they take PayPal? (As to your avatar, which I just noticed, I can only say "Second prize is two of 'em!" :D ) Larry
  6. tvodrd

    Philosophical Musings Ch. 3: Modding

    :wave: Doug! Good to see you back! I still have an unbuilt 14430 kit with the bottom dregs of the parts. :D I think I lost both of my parents during that proj and you went thorogh some changes too. Life and we go on somehow! I'm trying to help JSB produce the CR2 light with a Cree, and have...
  7. tvodrd

    Introducing "Draco" - - - PART 2

    Received mine this morning, a day after a PM stating that due to a booboo, it is direct drive, (pocket rocket!) and a replacement LE is forthcoming. This sucker is the same diameter (~1/2") and ~1/8" shorter than the NLS light I did back when, and ~10X brighter! (Weren't no Li 10280 cells or...
  8. tvodrd

    Anyone know a good SoCal anodizer?

    Let me add one more. I've dealt with Reid Metal Finishing for 20+ years. The business was sold recently, and I suspect the current owner paid a premium for "good will." They have a garbage website which I am too lazy to link. Larry
  9. tvodrd

    The Pineapple, Sales thread posted for: ● Bare Alu/TI/Brass ●

    Re: The Pineapple, a 2x123 E series compatible body. :wave: Pablo. I have an L6 Porcupine, and frankly, 2nd prize is two of them! :green: I do wish to complement your CAD skills which way exceed mine!! I am aware of of subroutines in SolidWorks to do that kind of model, but I am not remotely...
  10. tvodrd

    "Introducing "Draco" [Accepting Deposit].

    Re: Introducing "Draco" [Finalized Pricing Released] I would have paid in full night before last, but had to wait for a bank x-fer. I'm now PIF. :D I needed a replacement light for the NLS that was on my keyring that I gave away. ( :nana: R-man :D ) Looking forward to it! [J/K] (mode on) Only...
  11. tvodrd

    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    4 holes actually, 3 X .070" and 1 X .025". My illogic is that whatever driver is used, it will need a ground/batt neg connection. An easy way to do this is with a single piece of solid 24ga wire through the .025" hole and use a center punch to stake the copper immediately adjacient to the hole...
  12. tvodrd

    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    I ran 3 this past weekend. One thing I noticed was my McR18's smallest diameter was ~.501" and I had to sand out the .500" dia pocket to fit. Tomorrow, I am sending one to the punk and cy. I hope they fit and fly. They have 4 holes, three of which I upsized to .070" dia for the LED's connection...
  13. tvodrd

    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    I just brought it up again in SolidWorks and there's a new feature called "mass properties." I assigned the material to be wrought copper, and it gave me the following: Surface area: 3.72 square inches. (This includes the internal area also and I ain't smart enough to modify it to just the...
  14. tvodrd

    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    Good catch- I "edited" the drawing with a "screwdriver" slot. jtice, a hole for the inductor will only reduce the stack by .025". The neg post in the twistie measures .078" tall on mine which could be reduced to ~.050" and still work. :shrug: Edit: I just had a thought re grounding- if one of...
  15. tvodrd

    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    And greenPunk, you need to buy a HF $15 4-inch dial caliper! :D Larry
  16. tvodrd

    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    :thumbsup: bomble! Heading for the shower after answering a couple PM's, prolly from this thread. :) Larry
  17. tvodrd

    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    The "battery-hugging cavity" is +or- near .050" to still work. It is the stack from the front that matters. If Wayne's inductor heights have increased, the board will stick out .005" in its .550" dia pocket. Neglidgeble, in the grand scheme of things! Headed to the well-earned shower shortly...
  18. tvodrd

    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    Geez- 3 posts while I was pecking! :( Larry
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    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    Bombleman, I'm not sure I understand your question. :( Peter's original design "telescoped" the LED and electronics. By that I mean the Bottom of the LED's slug was on the same plane as the top or bottom of the circuit board. (I'm not sure which!) The .660" dia "telescopes"/centers the 123 cell...
  20. tvodrd

    Threaded heatsink for Arc LS3

    Slug area= something on the order of .225" dia. (Too lazy to actually calculate the real area) = on the order of .04 square inches. .225" dia has a circumference of .707". .707" X .025" thick yields a thermal path on the order of .018 sq in. IMO, it is adaquate. If the "web could be ~.057"...