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  1. UncleFester

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

  2. UncleFester

    Happy Birthday CPF!

    Yeah, and now I carry a $20 Ti 3 Stainless that does 120 Lums from a AAA nimh!!
  3. UncleFester

    Happy Birthday CPF!

    Happy Belated Birthday CPF!!!!!!!
  4. UncleFester

    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    I'll be making a modest comeback since I'm gainfully employed again. CPF is bad for the wallet......
  5. UncleFester

    Those tunes that get stuck in your head

    Hope I don't get myself banned. Here's one I find annoying because it's directly related to a recent bad relationship with a bad girl. It won't go away either...... Fast Cars And Freedom
  6. UncleFester

    What are some other words which are commonly mispronounced?

    Wow this thread netted a lot of posts in a hurry. I was going to reply to many phrases by multiple quoting. There are so many I gave up but I will submit one or my own. One of my pet peeves is "hot water heater". What in the hayel is a hot water heater and why would you need it? If the water is...
  7. UncleFester

    Is anyone watching fringe?

    Thought I'd dig up this old thread. The show has taken an interesting twist with the new season. I knew Dunham was from the other side but after this weeks' episode I'm beginning to wonder if the Dunham from the other side is a shape shifter....????:thinking: Yeah, an X-Files on steroids LOL...
  8. UncleFester

    A two-for-one thread

    Am I the only one that finds this thread hilarious?:crackup:
  9. UncleFester

    Movies that make you bawl

    Hmmm I'm tuly surprised no one mentioned Wrath Of Kahn. Spock was my hero and to actually see him die and not know if there was ever chance for ressurection was demoralizing. I still get misty when I watch it or listen to the soundtrack.
  10. UncleFester

    Stargate Universe opinions.

    I concur; SGU rots in hayel for all the reasons listed. Hey Shiny Things: Please consider watching the first season of SG-1. Most likely you'll find you like the character deveolpemnt and the action and effects are top notch.
  11. UncleFester

    Welcome to CPF, FlashlightWidow!

    That's exactly what I thought. It was some time ago though.
  12. UncleFester

    Global Cooling Beginning

    Chuga Chuga Chuga... Whooo Woooo......
  13. UncleFester

    Doomsday movies...?

    Did anyone see The Forbin Project?
  14. UncleFester

    Any MENSA members here?

    ............... And CPF ISN'T????????:crackup:
  15. UncleFester

    Buffy Vampire Slayer Movie

    Ummm.... How did you know about my ex girlfriend????????????
  16. UncleFester

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Fox TV series

    That's too bad. I liked the show.
  17. UncleFester

    Funny ad for radiotubes...

    I THINK the silver on the inside of the envelope is boiled off metal from what's called the "getter". The getter is a wire loop that forms a closed circuit. After the tube is sealed and vacuumized, a large current is induced magnetically induced into the getter making it hot. The purpose is to...
  18. UncleFester

    Dog whistles
  19. UncleFester

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Fox TV series

    JS Brilliant. I NEVER would have thought of that. I'm with the rest of the crowd; let's see another season. I'd like to see if you're right. If this has happened, I wonder what JH will be like and know. What could Cameron do stuck in the rack of hardware? (and what kind of drama could she...
  20. UncleFester

    Desk Chair: Arm rest or none

    I took them stinkin' arms off. The interfered with using the computer. My elbows kept hitting them.