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  1. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired 11 lights FS: muyshondt, HDS, fenix...

    I'd love to buy #10 if it's still available (#11 was my first choice but I see that's now gone to someone with faster fingers!) Currently on slow plane Wifi, but I'll send you a message! 10. HDS rotary 250 lumens cool white 123 tube aftermarket screw holes (yes it's possible, material is there...
  2. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired Muyshondt/Vinh mule

    Nice blast from the past! May I ask what the custom driver UI is for this? Still twist for 3 increasing levels of power? And I assume that there's no way to put the reflector back on this and make it a reflector light?
  3. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired An Epic McGizmo Sale - Haiku(s), Mule, Makai, and custom Aleph/McGizmo light engines

    As the happy owner of now three of Joe's McGizmo compatible light engines, I can say that they're awesome. Guppy3Drv is way easier to reprogram than a HIVE light (or the H17F too) and definitely a massive step up from the classic 3S engines. Plus, who doesn't love high CRI Nichia in natural...
  4. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired *Sold* Mcgizmo lights!

    Re: Mcgizmo lights! I'll take the Sundrop head + 1xAA pack please. PM inbound.
  5. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired SOLD: Muyshondt Mako flood, Sapphire, Muyshondt Aeon MK II Titanium, McGizmo AA Mule

    Re: FS: Muyshondt Aeon MK II Titanium OR McGizmo AA Mule Paypal sent on the AA Mule and the Sapphire! Thanks, eala! Time to close my WTB thread. :D
  6. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired WTB: McGizmo Hi CRI Mule

    Still looking, would love to hear from you if you have one that isn't being used. EDIT: Found one! :D
  7. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired WTB: McGizmo Hi CRI Mule

    And FOUND! Thanks CPF!! Hello CPF. I'd love a McGizmo Hi CRI Mule. I missed the last few opportunities, but think that this might be the last flashlight I need. 1xCR123 or 1xAA are both welcome...but admittedly, I have a strong preference for the 1xAA. And any working condition is...
  8. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired WTS: McGizmo's: Makai 2xAA w/etched clip, Haiku Hi Cri AA, Sapphire

    Re: WTS: McGizmo's for SALE - Haiku Hi Cri AA, Makai 2xAA w/etched clip, Sapphire Paypal sent on the McGizmo Haiku Hi Cri AA Nichia 119V with 1xAA and tapped clip- $400 I've been after one for about a year now...excited to have finally pulled the trigger.
  9. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Haiku Hi-Cri

    Re: McGizmo Haiku Hi-Cri Nice grab, Neco! Wish I could have gotten this one.
  10. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired WTB: McGizmo Haiku Hi CRI 119v

    If you can provide your own pictures of the light next to a piece of paper with your screenname and date, and a reference or two, I'd take it.
  11. experimentjon

    Sold/Expired SOLD: McGizmo Haiku AA Hi CRI

    Re: WTS McGizmo Haiku AA Hi CRI tapped clip Ah, can't believe i missed this! I had been looking for one of these to pop up for a while, and this is a great price. Very nice catch!