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    I just need one good flashlight

    I have an L3 illumination L08, and a Fenix LD12... Beyond needing to clean the threads of the L08 from time to time, I've had no issues with either light.
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    single aaa or aa, for light with clip - mechanic

    it's the only one of it's kind, that I know of....
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    looking for AAA / LD20 UI / clicky

    love the LD20 / fenix user interface love single AAA lights love clickys there a light that has all three?
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    L3 Illumination L10 failed...TWICE!

    OK, I now my L08 has stated to get all kinds of wonky on me. If I bump it on something and give it a good jolt, while it's on, it either skips modes or goes completely dead. After an hour or so with the battery out, the light will begin to function normally, until I bump it or drop it again...
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    L3 Illumination L10 failed...TWICE!

    That is horrible luck... I've EDC'd the L08 version for a while now without any issues, and I recommend it all the time... A cheap alternative (I recommend this light all the time too) is the Shiningbeam Spark neutral tint, and buy a single AA parts tube to go with it. Total of about $32, and...
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    Yet another... Single AA, Forward clicky, Up to $40

    Shiningbeam Spark, with an single AA tube (he sells them separately) Single AA on the gun, use two when camping... all together, less than $30
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    Zoomable / focusable lights - anything better out there?

    I adore zoom lights, just not the ones made by Led Lenser. I got a Romisen RC-29 at shiningbeam a year or so ago, they have a newer LED in them now, nice light, low price, only one level though... but absolutely amazing for looking at the ground while walking at night, lookin' for...
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    New fella, kind of bashful I guess

    no reason to be shy, and we need to know.... -Distance you want to use the light most of the time. -how long do you use your light at any given time? 10 minutes? an hour? -Battery type? Rechargeable? -general idea of the size of light you want. maglite 4D battery club? or something you can...
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    AA flashlight recommendation needed

    What is she going to use it for? I have an E40, it's a rather awesome light. On par with a 2d maglite, doesn't throw quite as far, but the beam is wider, and it throws plenty far enough. But do you need throw or flood? ....if you want a more floody beam ShiningBeam's Caveman 2aa XM-L is on...
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    I want a pure flood light

    lots of companies make diffuser tips
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    High output LED Flashlights that run on AA,AAA batteries that won't break the bank?

    L3 illumination makes some affordable lights, I adore my L08 I got from SBflachlights, but I assume the L10 would be more practical for most people. Fenix is a fair bit cheaper than Surefire ...if Fenix isn't in your price range, Shiningbeam has lights on clearance. His Caveman 2AA light is...
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    advice on first light needed

    ShiningBeam Caveman Cree XM-L T6 Tactical I have no idea how far it throws, but it's on sale for $30***NEW***-ShiningBeam-Caveman-Cree-XM-L-T6-Tactical-LED-Flashlight-290-Lumens
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    Camping and Hiking

    Fenix LD12, LD22.. both work just fine.
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    Inspecting Manholes

    A fenix E40 is like using a mirror to reflect sunlight. I used one for the longest time when I was poking around in factories doing inspection stuff 4 AAs, 17,500cd is damn hard to beat, it's rating of 200 lumens is very misleading. Like the Streamlight Vinniec5 recommended; these are very...
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    Long Camp in Extreme Cold Weather

    If you are using L91 Lithium primary cells (and not 14500 Li-Ion 3.7 volt) then you can get a Fenix LD10, LD12, LD20, or LD22, and one of those "lampshades" they sell. Or you could just make your own lampshade, and save some money. Edit: I looked up the "Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries"...
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    1x AA for bugout bag in the <$30 range.

    l3 illumination has some excellent budget priced lights
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    Big newbie Lf a brand new EDC light

    The bigger the battery, the bigger the commitment to safety. I think all newbies should stick to AAs or AAAs A fenix LD10 with an R5 is a good starter light, and will blow the mind of anyone that grew up with maglites.
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    Bright, easy, safe light for a 5-yr old girl in a campground, Amazon Prime, <$20?

    Re: Bright, easy, safe light for a 5-yr old girl in a campground, Amazon Prime, <$20? Romisen lights are just about perfect for these situations. I bought mine from shiningbeam's website, but I assume amazon has them too.
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    After a more floody AA light for my old man

    Need to know... Father's age, and primary use for the light? Budget?
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    AAA recommendation challenge!

    L3 Illumination L08 Nichia 219 AAA Flashlight *has pocket clip