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  1. saypat

    Think for a moment. What is your favorite flashlight?

    Emisar D4V2 ....... selectable colored AUX LEDs.
  2. saypat

    [REVIEW] Speras M1

    looks like a Klaus Mi7 which I like.
  3. saypat

    EMISAR D4 Version 2!!

    I suppose the D4S v2 will be next ..... hopefully that is the reason I didn't purchase v1 .
  4. saypat

    [Review] Acebeam UC15 - 1000 lumen 2xAAA/10440 keychain light, red and UV secondaries

    what 10440 cells do you use in this light?
  5. saypat

    Very small 1000L pocket rockets?

    I have the Acebeam UC15
  6. saypat

    [Review] - Jetbeam FL-12 3000K-5500K Fill Light, Powerbank, TypeC - by Lock

    very interesting product! Thank you for your nice review.
  7. saypat

    Top 5 AAA keychain flashlights of 2017.

    Ultratac K18 - stainless Manker EO2 managed to pick up (2) Preon P1s on sale for $12/ea! Should have bought all 200 of em!
  8. saypat

    4Sevens announces closure

    fortunate to pick up a couple of Preon P1s on sale for $12/ea a while back. At a good price of $20 now. Hoping the P2s go on sale as well.
  9. saypat

    Nitecore EC11

    EC11, one of my favorites! Can get it at Andrew-Amanda next week for $42. The S1 is awesome, one of my favorites also. But the OTR M3 is an amazing light, at a great price! Better UI than the S1 in my opinion. The light has it all.
  10. saypat

    looking for a keychain light

    must have a look at this, one of the best!
  11. saypat

    Where are the Nichia 219C flashlights?

    same here. I just got a Noctigon Meteor M43 with (12) Nichia 219C 70+ . Gorgeous tint.
  12. saypat

    post ya fav keychain light

    similar here. I have the Ultratac K18 stainless silver, fantastic light in all respects! This replaced my Lumintop Tool. Now I have a new favorite, the Nitecore TIP. Get yourself one, u won't be disappointed.
  13. saypat

    Monthly budget for lights?

    I have spent around $2,000 in the 5 years I have had this stupid addiction. I said I would QUIT after my 3rd light, then my 10th. Then I said I would quit after $500, then $1000. And I have a very logical mind, so this makes no sense. I have around 90 lights presently. They are everywhere I...
  14. saypat

    Nitecore TIP & THUMB 1st impressions. Pic HEAVY!

    thanks! Enjoyed it. Got a TIP coming on Tuesday.
  15. saypat

    Nextorch P5G sightings?

    found this:
  16. saypat

    EDC flashlights suggestions

    fantastic light! Much nicer than the Olight in my opinion. Great UI. This light has it all. Great buy!
  17. saypat

    Your Favourite Zebralight and Why ???

    my favorite Zebralight is my, unfortunately, only Zebralight. It is the H302W. I got it on sale, a rarity for a Zebralight. Amazing little light, will light up a whole room! The flood is amazing. I'm going to also get the H602W now that they are on sale. I cannot imagine the flood on this one...
  18. saypat

    Got my Olight R50 Seeker today!

    love the beamshot of the Armtek. I should have bought one of those.
  19. saypat

    Lumintop Tool AAA Copper + Titanium measurements (Nichia 219B)

    as well as the review, I loved the photos! Nice camera/lens?
  20. saypat

    Review Of Blitzwolf LT5

    nice review, thanks for the video too. Looks like a great light, and nicely priced. Great light for the car.