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  1. 880arm

    Is the 200 lm EB1 right for me?

    That's the type of need that first drew me to the old E1B. Then, in turn, I transitioned to the LX2 LumaMax, EB1, and finally the EB2 where I am now. A tightly focused beam helps a lot, especially when you're having to look past the ceiling or high-bay lighting. The EB1 should excel at that...
  2. 880arm

    First Surefire?

    There is no warning on the "L" versions of the M61 because they run much cooler than the regular M61.
  3. 880arm

    First Surefire?

    Congrats! That's a great host you have there! :twothumbs
  4. 880arm

    Surefire Fury vs Elzetta C133

    The spot lens was used in the comparison. The comparable flood versions would be the C141 and C143.
  5. 880arm

    2 torches... one spot one flood

    Something like the FiveMega double-ended E-series body could get you started on your way. You can mix and match various SureFire E-series heads (stock or aftermarket) along with other accessories.
  6. 880arm

    I need a flashlight for looking down wells

    Well . . . you got me :shrug: Yeah, the term "brighter" can mean different things depending upon the context. Without going into the long version (click here for that) there are two functions when it comes to the "brightness" of a light. One is the light's total output, measured in lumens...
  7. 880arm

    I need a flashlight for looking down wells

    Agreed, you want lux over lumens. Like you, my usage is typically when there are other light sources to compete with. As a result, I have been a big fan of the SureFire E-series lights with their TIR lenses, particularly the EB1 and EB2 Backup. I've used these to check outdoor sumps down to...
  8. 880arm

    Gift For New Police Officer

    When we lack information we tend to make our own but I'm not ready to jump to that conclusion just yet. It's like the old saying, "the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" (with regard to the OP's knowledge about battery types). Very true Norm.
  9. 880arm

    Gift For New Police Officer

    It's usually pretty well accepted around here to criticize the post, but not the poster. Polargirl, I agree with what you said about recommendation threads sometimes turning into a case of people "projecting" their favorites. That's why it's important to read the original post and consider the...
  10. 880arm

    Flashlights with L Shaped Body

    The First-Light USA Tomahawk is built in the USA.
  11. 880arm

    Looking for a light similar to Surefire E1B

    The old E1B is a great little light and if it's what you really like you could probably find one used at a decent price. As far as alternatives are concerned, the EB1 pretty much beats it in every way aside from regulated runtime. The regulation of the newer light turned me off when I saw the...
  12. 880arm

    Gift For New Police Officer

    Congratulations to your son. I'm sure you're very proud of him. In addition to the good recommendations above, I will throw in the SureFire G2X and 6PX. They are essentially the same with regard to light output but just with different bodies. The G2X has a polymer body which may look like...
  13. 880arm

    Nonconductive Body, Common type Batteries, EDC at Work, Under $50

    The alkaline batteries limit your choices a little bit but the battery manufacturers like Eveready and Energizer have industrial style lights, usually in the 2 x D cell category. They are simple, fairly durable and can usually be found for less than $5 to $10 each. Moving up the scale you...
  14. 880arm

    Reliable Tactical LED Flashlight

    +2 for Elzetta due to your insistence on a strobe mode. The have the most simple and durable strobe mechanism I know of.
  15. 880arm

    Ball cap lights: Are there any quality options?

    Up until a few months ago my ball cap light was my SureFire E1L-A Outdoorsman. It's a nice light but fairly expensive. If you shop around you can find some of the older versions (without the "A") on the marketplace or eBay for a decent price sometimes. I retired it from that job after I...
  16. 880arm

    LEO looking for a new duty light

    Congrats on the new light. It will be good to hear what you think about it after using it for a while. I agree that knurling would be nice and I hope we see that become reality on the P3X someday. There was a hint of this coming at 2014 Shot Show but no news since then. For what it's worth...
  17. 880arm

    Surefire P2X Fury or Surefire EB2

    Like anything else it's going to come down to preference. I carry the EB2-T (the tactical version) more often than any other light I own because it fits my needs at work better than most of the others (at least in a pocketable size). The reasons I carry it instead of the Fury is because it's...
  18. 880arm

    LEO looking for a new duty light

    It will vary a little bit from light to light depending upon how they are configured. Offhand I can think of three different step-down "strategies." Programmed step-down - Will reduce output after a specified length of time and is very common in lights today. It may be done to protect the...
  19. 880arm

    LEO looking for a new light

    The Elzetta clip holds OK on the body of the Alpha although I prefer to attach it to the tailcap instead. I run it with the regular click switch and it works fine. The other clips mentioned will present a lower profile than the Elzetta clip but I don't really think it makes as big a difference...
  20. 880arm

    Fiber Optic Light to Fool Video Surveillance Camera

    I've never touched one of these things so take this for what it's worth (probably not a lot!) but the operating manual for those cameras seems to indicate it's possible to set the camera to record in "Color" only, however it goes on to state that it will "switch to black and white night vision...