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    User interfaces killed by feature creep?

    I'm not normally a curmudgeon when it comes to features and complex menu driven interfaces. My favorite light of all time is the Liteflux LF2XT - plenty o menu options, possibly beyond what's absolutely necessary and definitely limited by the available micro-controllers of the day, in fact some...
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    I know they're not looked on with as much favor around here due to the magnificently complicated anduril UI but I just picked up a Noctigon KR4 in black but with a copper head and SS bezel. I went with SST 4000k but I'm already pretty certain I should've gone with different LED's. I looked...
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    Zebralight SC600w mk2 skinth size

    Quick question, I have a Skinth M shield. According to the specs the Zebralight SC600 mk2 will be a very close fit. wondering if anyone has tried it. Thanks!
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    What LED flashlight is sitting on your nightstand?

    Liteflux LF2XT with memory off, set to come on at its lowest setting for nighttime navigation. CL1HV4 set to maximum is never too far away either, though I don't normally anticipate needing it.
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    keeping flashlights 'loaded'

    Had Alks leak on me several times, the worst was when a set of AA's exploded inside my [email protected] they were packed in there so tightly with grime that I had to toss the light, even a screwdriver-ram took some work to get them out, and in the process we sort of totaled the switch mechanism.. oh...
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    How do you hold your flashlight

    cigar grip is my favorite but gets interchanged with tactical on occasion. sometimes I also use the 'traditional' flashlight grip even on my tailclickie lights, depends on what i'm doing with them.
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    Rotary Adjustable Tailcap - Waddya Think?

    Amen, the UI i've been waiting for. It needs to be a pot connected to the driver circuit to tell it how hard to drive the LED (PWM duty cycle) instead of directly in series with it. That way efficiency can be maintained and you don't need a great big expensive pot to handle the 1000ma+ of...
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    Open Carry

    well, i conceal most of what i carry during the winter months by wearing a fleece jacket just long enough to cover my belt carry items.. 'course the vest i wear in addition to that doesn't hide much, but i don't wear that all the time. The items i want hidden are the SOG powerlock in holster...
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    What Bulb is good for SureFire 6P?

    Dereelight makes some sweet dropins, regulated multi-mode. Get the "multi-power" units for cr123, and rcr123 options in the same light. OR check out the cpf marketplace
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    Holster for cl1h?

    I did, and he sent one for free! tehehe, Alan & Dereelight are very neat to work with.
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    Holster for cl1h?

    durability? I have a nasty tendency to destroy nylon holsters (maybe that's why the clip died too..
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    Holster for cl1h?

    Agreed, I love the clip, but due to an unfortunate stupidity on my part I tore the clip right off. I'm looking for a holster as well simply for protection of the light. I use the clip as much as i can, but when working or expecting to run into things, i'll pocket the light just so it doesn't...
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    Who EDC's spare battery?

    Currently I carry 1 spare 18650 in its own pocket in my jacket. Right now I'm looking for a belt holster that will allow me to carry 2 more cells in separate cell-sized pouches/tubes as well as my CL1H V3.0 (as I have already destroyed the belt clip). It's really really nice to be able to...
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    Do lumens add up?

    Isn't it logarithmic, just like hearing? double the intensity to perceive a small change..
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    CPF is a Baaad influence!

    I think I've checked CPF 3 separate times today (hey, class was boring), I just bought a CL1H, that'll do for a nice EDC.. and now I have to find some 18650's and a charger Next up: a "really bright" light... 35w HID? 1kw tank light? I dunno.. - this money-drain hobby is starting to get to me...