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  1. benchmade_boy

    Coyote Hunting Light

    The light is mounted off to the side of the rifle, I have mine mounted on my AR in the same postion. If you ad a few more cells for a totall of six, and use the MN21 is suppose? that will not work, the MN21 is not a 18 volt bulb, it is a 9volt bulb, so no you can not do that. Just get an M6...
  2. benchmade_boy

    Any lights made from platinum?

    A pltinum Flashlight would be a very expensive flashlight. It would be like having a Gold or Silver light. I think it would be on the heavy side too.
  3. benchmade_boy

    Best place to buy assorted size o-rings

    Go to your local auto part store and you can buy a big box of assorted o-rings for pretty cheap. they have metric sets and fractional sets
  4. benchmade_boy

    Broken U2 lense

    hmmm do you think they will just pop in a new lense or replace the whole head? maybe I will get a new U2A edition. I really would rather have a working light rather than have a up to date head.
  5. benchmade_boy

    Broken U2 lense

    Is there any way I can send in just the head? I have an older body that takes 18650's and I dont want to loose it.
  6. benchmade_boy

    Broken U2 lense

    So I just broke the lense on my surefire U2 Ultra, I was working on my roof to My shop wich is about two storys up. I was working when I drop my U2, my friend was down below when it fell, I saw it hit the ground and it flickerd. My friend picked it up and turned it on, and I knew it was going to...
  7. benchmade_boy

    What do your Friends carry?

    Most of the time the snap-on lights are just knock offs with the snap-on name on the side so they sell for like 30.00. Somtimes they have Inova's with snap-on on the side. My Friends all have cheap lights, but one good friend has like 5 surefires. my brother has a surefire L1, my dad has a...
  8. benchmade_boy

    Surefire for M1 Carbine?

    Buy an AK and be done with it. I paid $300 for my Siaga AK and I have an AR-15 that I have over $1500 In my AR and I would choose my AK anyday over the AR. You can put rails on the AK pluse a surefire with a turbo head and be able to shine out there and see the zombies coming before they get to...
  9. benchmade_boy

    A2 counting game.

    -1 I lost my only surefire the other day.:( my beloved surefire A2 217 now.
  10. benchmade_boy

    OD Surefires, where to find?

    When surefire first started the HA is looked more brownish or OD than the HA grey color of today. Many people think of OD as a tacticool color so maybe that is why the put it.
  11. benchmade_boy

    SF M6 what?

    ALL OF THEM, From now on I will only use surefire, energizer or Duracell. There is a reason they are so cheap. Iput a set in my a2 and they last about one minute then the a2 started going yellow, surefires will last the full 50 mins. BTW how many Mah's does a surefire cell and a BS cell have?
  12. benchmade_boy

    A2 LED color--cant decide

    I have white, I owned a red but pre-sold it before I had it to my friend. It is "ok" I think I prefer my white over his red, but he likes is red over my white. The white is pretty bright and the red is just right for adapted eyes. but for general use, get white, also get a john willis holster...
  13. benchmade_boy

    A2 counting game.

    I had two, but sold my second one. now all i have is my origanal. +1, board total =65
  14. benchmade_boy

    Lowest priced light for AR15?

    yup, and they work on a lot of different lights to, like the M4, M3, M3T,9p, M1, 3P,L6, and the list goes on and on. I used to have a set of them on my M3T before I gave the light to my brother for his AR. also I had a set on my U2 before I traded it for an M3T. They are in the sporting goods...
  15. benchmade_boy

    Lowest priced light for AR15?

    On my AR I have about a 100 dollar surefire setup. 1. Surefire 6p bought brand new $60.15 bucks with tax. 2. Surefire SW02 bought brand new $47.28 with tax. 3. Wal-mart 1inch weaver scope mount around 10 bucks. Total 117.43 My only complaint is that my hand are small so it is hard for me...
  16. benchmade_boy

    Just bought a used Surefire C3 Centurion

    what about the guy that got a surefire m6 for 15 bucks or so at a fle market? good find, and good thing you were in the right place at the right time or you would have never gotten that good of a deal. now wheres the pics of the light? what kind of holster was it? Good find man.
  17. benchmade_boy

    A2 and Tenergy question.

    Hi, First I would say to buy that battery set that you are looking at, then depending on what the color of your leds are, if the are red then I think you are ok as the can withstand a higher voltage, but if not red then buy a new leds ring from atomic chicken, install and now you can use...
  18. benchmade_boy

    Surefire 6P Gift Set???

    I know, But my dealer likes me:twothumbs. I have seen other like you are talking about but never with a 6p
  19. benchmade_boy

    Surefire 6P Gift Set???

    Hi All, I went to my local surefire dealer the other day to pick up my SW02 for a very low price, and to my surprise they had a Surefire 6P gift set, It is a nice nylon case, just like the ones that came with the L1 gift set. It hold two(2) surefire batts and a spare lamp. all for a low price...
  20. benchmade_boy

    Which Surefire you are waiting for?

    I wiated about 4 weeks for my SW02 to come in to my local dealer, well I finally got it the other day, at a great price too, only 45 bucks:sssh: