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  1. experimentjon

    What’s your all time favorite flashlight?

    All time has to be Mcgizmo Haiku with an AA pak. From the original 3S then upgraded to a Guppy3drv engine, it has kept up with the times over the last ~10 years or so. And somehow the styling is still as modern as day one. The HDS rotary is a close second...but I've only recently been able to...
  2. experimentjon

    My edc light has a max output of only 300 lumens

    There was probably a period of 10 years when I was so happy with the ~100 lumens or so from a McGizmo Haiku AA High CRI and a HDS Clicky. And in that time, I thought that the 200 lumens that came out of my Surefire E2D was extravagant (extra bright because of the TIR). Then I finally got an...
  3. experimentjon

    Most carried light, only 1.

    Over the years, a McGizmo Haiku AA. Originally run with a 119V and an Eneloop AA cell. I adored this light for years. Then, for a while, iPhone flashlights were all I needed until I tried the triples like the Overready Boss. Nowadays, the Haiku AA is back with a Nichia 219C engine with...
  4. experimentjon

    List the BEST/WORST flashlight purchases you have made.

    From my few years of experience on CPF... Best: McGizmo Haiku Hi CRI AA. I agonized over this purchase and whether it'd actually be worth it. But it was. Best light that I have ever owned. Sure, the functionality might be more basic than even the Quark AA that I love, but this is one...
  5. experimentjon

    Top Ten single AA Flashlights of 2015

    Pretty crazy to see that the Quark AA is basically unchanged from when I bought my first one so many years ago when I was just starting to get into flashlights. Looks like lumen output for the competition has gone through the roof in the meantime for AA lights (460 from a single AA cannot be...
  6. experimentjon

    The 2015 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast Your Vote!

    #1# McGizmo : Haiku : AA Nicha 119 #2# HDS : Clicky : Hi CRI 100 #3# Surefire : E2D LED Defender Notes: 1. I have yet to find a light more versatile than the AA-compatible McGizmo Haiku...or one more beautiful. This one is a keeper for life. And the 119 emitter is outstanding. Also, best...
  7. experimentjon

    EDC mode spacing poll

    I went with 1, 5, 50, 200 There was a time when I thought that moonlight mode was important and LOVED the moonlight on my Quark AA. It is still great. But I found that I didn't really use it too much. At night, I typically stumble to my bathroom with ambient light through the window. And I...
  8. experimentjon

    Is there a light you won't sell?

    There are a few. Quark AA Neutral: This thing has been with me for a long time. Plus, I wouldn't be able to get much money out of it in its beat up condition. It's easily the best AA light I have ever used. HDS High CRI: This was my original grail light, and I carried it with me for much of...
  9. experimentjon

    Easy to Understand Lumens Vs Lux Explanation

    I've been into flashlights for a few years now...good to finally know the difference between lumens and lux. Great analogy. I also like the alcohol analogy too.
  10. experimentjon

    What is your current EDC Flashlight... and how do you like to carry? Pics :)

    For the longest time, it was a Quark AA regular of some sort: either neutral, or cool white, or Titanium bodied. That light was just perfect. I just got my HDS clicky. And that has taken over. I'm pretty sure I'll love the light, because it does everything the Quark did, and more.
  11. experimentjon

    I don't understand the LX2's lanyard

    It had always puzzled me too, why there were two plastic things and why it was so long. But this thread is enlightening. But indeed, I probably will not use the lanyard.
  12. experimentjon

    Some thoughts on EDC UIs

    I actually do not like the feel of the PD in the Nitecore D10. I picked one up with high hopes due to the hype, but somehow, it just doesn't feel right to me. I feel like I don't know for certain whether I've pressed the piston properly. So I usually stick to regular clickys. I don't like...
  13. experimentjon

    The Dangers of CPF

    I was just like that too. I've spent in the neighborhood of $1500 on lights, starting innocently with a fenix LD10...this would have been ridiculous to me about a year ago. (Still makes me shake my head in disbelief at myself.) And it makes me sad, because I feel like a lot of the lights that...
  14. experimentjon

    High CRI LED vs. Good Incan?

    I'm no expert, but there is definitely some "depth" quality that a high CRI light can provide. (Sorry, but I haven't used incan bulbs since my 8th grade science class.) And for a long time, while I was lurking on these forums, I didn't really believe any of the hype about these neutral or warm...
  15. experimentjon

    August 2010: lights you bought this month

    Good game. I did it. Ordered my first HDS light, a custom Clicky170. Probably won't receive it until September though. I'm excited to see if the #1 must have light here is really as good as everyone says. :)
  16. experimentjon

    Rate your best lights by price $ to $$$

    1. Best $100+ light: Surefire LX2 2. Best $51 to $99 light: Quark AA Regular 3. Best $10 to $50 light: 4Sevens Preon Kit 4. Best <$10 (under ten) light: TechLite Lumen Master 3xAAA (from Costco)
  17. experimentjon

    August 2010: lights you bought this month

    I took the leap of faith, and finally ordered up a Surefire after hearing so much about how great they are...actually three Surefires. I am excited to see them when I get home. Specifically: LX2 Lumamax A2 LED Aviator (Red) E1B Backup Let's see if these three lights are as wonderful as...
  18. experimentjon

    April 2010 Flashlights you bought this month..

    I also had one real LED flashlight when I joined CPF: Streamlight Stylus Pro (at the recommendation of Nutnfancy's videos.) Thankfully, my other knife and multitool collections will keep my money away from too many lights. :P Only danger is that Lighthound is an awesome website. I very much...
  19. experimentjon

    April 2010 Flashlights you bought this month..

    I bought three flashlights last weekend (after browsing CPF for the first time). Fenix LD10 R4 Fenix LD20 R4 4Sevens Preon 2 Thankfully, I don't think I'm going to become a flashaholic...I don't think I need any more flashlights than these. XD I had been carrying my Streamlight Stylus Pro...