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  1. M@elstrom

    Surefire lamps on LiFePO4

    That is pretty cheap, I had seen some online at around $6 each but figured rechargeable to still be better value overall. I have noted these cells are used in some Wireless PIR detectors...
  2. M@elstrom

    Surefire lamps on LiFePO4

    These cost around $10+ AUD in local stores, how cheap are they sold for in the US?
  3. M@elstrom

    Surefire A2 Aviator bi-pin adaptors/Tad's customs

    What an interesting development, I have read the entire thread and visited Tad's site but am unable to determine the dimensions of the bi-pin bulbs supported in these adapters, hence my question... are these bulbs the same dimensions as a Streamlight Strion bi-pin?
  4. M@elstrom

    What is the pinnacle of Incan Flashlights in your opinion?

    And another here... with the FM Strion & Koala LED ring upgrades the light is by far my favourite, the only negative is the battery options.
  5. M@elstrom

    Kel-Lite repair

    The bulb is straightforward to remove, you access it by taking off the head of the light...
  6. M@elstrom

    Saint Incand's Day - July 12, 2009

    Plentiful incandescent merriment to all for this fine day... t'was a SL Scorpion which I fired up yesterday (time differential) in commemoration :thumbsup:
  7. M@elstrom

    strange behaviour of my A2

    There are times when my Strion adapter modded A2 hums like this so your not alone, I've always understood it as being a regulator quirk...
  8. M@elstrom

    Well, so much for Incan support from SureFire

    I guess the "window of opportunity" is even smaller for those of us that only recently acquired aging SF incandescent designs... there will always be the potential for enterprising enthusiasts/machinists to offer an aftermarket solution though there would be no guarantee that will always involve...
  9. M@elstrom

    Well, so much for Incan support from SureFire

    This reminds me of the ever dwindling almost non existent N90 lamp assemblies out there... perhaps some expired assemblies to modify/experiment with might be a better option... where to source such a beast? :thinking: I'm glad my A2 needs have been addressed for the next few years...
  10. M@elstrom

    MR16 Maglite; applicable?

    I had considered building one of these but opted for the flexibility of a bi-pin bulb configuration instead, the KIU socket/modded mag switch is sufficient for the job unless you've using more than a 50w bulb, 14AA cells in a 4D carrier was an excellent alternative to Li-Ion D sized cells...
  11. M@elstrom

    Thoughts on a P60 sized micro-hotwire

    If you want another Sundrop G4 production run OR custom PR bulb P60 express your interest to FiveMega garnering sufficient interest along the way to make such a venture financially viable for him...
  12. M@elstrom

    Color Coding of PR Bulbs

    Till today I'd never paid the filament separator much attention, interesting observation OP :D
  13. M@elstrom

    Fake Surefire M962 WeaponLight? (VERY Picture Intensive)

    It's definitely a fake, you've been duped... let me take it of your hands eh? :p
  14. M@elstrom

    Thoughts on a P60 sized micro-hotwire

    You can still purchase the other FM bi-pin P60 drop-ins ;) FM-D26 Bi-Pin socket/Reflector Ready to ship
  15. M@elstrom

    should i mod it or leave it alone????

    Yeah it looks pretty old school for a 90's light doesn't it? :ooo: Reference @ Flashlight Museum :thumbsup: FWIW I'd ROP mod it too ;)
  16. M@elstrom

    can u direct me to incandescent flashlites featuring more than one bulb?

    In addition to the dual bulb spotlights, 9N, 9AN & 10X there are/were also hybrid lights featuring an incandescent primary and LED secondaries :thumbsup: BTW Pelican also make the Aqua Lite & King Lite flashlights with a dual filament bulb not quite 2 separate bulbs though is it? :naughty:
  17. M@elstrom

    what to do with SF incan lamps?

    + 1 HotWire I do exactly the same with my Surefire, Streamlight & Brinkmann incandescents without issue...
  18. M@elstrom

    Incan Streamlight Scorpion Retirement Time

    I still carry a Scorpion as a backup to my higher output LED torch mainly for better colour rendition important when taking pictures for reports...
  19. M@elstrom

    Streamlight Ultrastinger

    +1 :thumbsup: My wife purchased the Ultrastinger for my birthday, it's one thing to have a spouse accept our peculiar hobby but to have one that also supports it is even better! :devil:
  20. M@elstrom

    New: upgraded Magcharger now available!

    That would stand without question... the ANSI rating yields an additional 44m range to the Magcharger over the Ultrastinger as well as a higher candela rating just not the Lumen rating ;) Blackbear did an interesting beamshot comparison of the Mag & Ultra @ though to be...