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  1. Beamhead

    Replacing the L1T v2.0

    I picked up an extension and it works fine on an Eneloop. Thanks!
  2. Beamhead

    Replacing the L1T v2.0

    Just 1 extension? What type of AA?
  3. Beamhead

    FOUND: QTC (Quantum Tunnelling Composite) Material

    You made me dig through my modder fodder. :p I have some they are about 4mm square. Let me know if that is what you are looking for.
  4. Beamhead

    You know you haven't modded in a long time when...

    I have a large tackle box full of modder fodder. I need to either use some/all of it or offer it up. :p
  5. Beamhead

    Foursevens Quark Smart

  6. Beamhead

    Foursevens Quark Smart

    Nope. Sorry.
  7. Beamhead

    Flashlights are like the holly grail

    I use Eneloops in mine. The UI reminds me of one from an old school CPF edition light.
  8. sp10s.jpg


  9. Beamhead

    RIP Jeff Beck

    RIP Jeff Beck. I met him briefly in the early 80's, I worked for a High Performance Auto/Racing parts distributor. He was near by having a Rod built by Roy Brizio, I was floating around the warehouse when he walks back and asked for some empty boxes, I was like hey uh ..... you are Jeff Beck and...
  10. Beamhead

    Am I the only one who drives the speed limit?

    BOT. No, you are not, but you and your fellow slow travelers need to get out of my way, I have places to go, people to see and not enough time to do it! :p
  11. Beamhead

    Maglite 2D powered by nimh and spacers/adapters/etc….

    I just bend the end of the spring inward
  12. Beamhead


    Nichia 219c = Hi CRI/warm tint, Cree XP G3 = cool white tint. HTH
  13. Beamhead

    Maglite finally goes dual power!

    Flash sale coupon today at 30%.
  14. Beamhead

    What is the largest EDC you've ever carried?

    Streamlight TL-3 Incan back in the day.
  15. Beamhead

    Favorite budget light 2022

    For 2022 it would be the Sofirn SP10 Pro AA with Anduril 2 UI.
  16. Beamhead

    Review: Sofirn SC21 Pro with LH351D 5000K

    Thanks for the info. I bought it from Amazon which states Anduril 2. I was able to verify using the 4c lockout and 2h tricks. Having that verified I found a Version 2 pdf flow chart which helped me to turn on automatic memory. That migrates to the Simple UI and it is perfect now. Can I ask why...
  17. Beamhead

    Review: Sofirn SC21 Pro with LH351D 5000K

    I have questions, sorry. The light says it has Anduril 2, I'm not sure. I use the "simple UI" as it seems fine with one exception "mode memory". It works when I am using the light but if I set it down for a few minutes it goes to low. I can toggle between ramp/step with 3 clicks and from the...