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  1. M@elstrom

    Power Outage, How many Lumens, How many batteries? (for lights and more)

    I've never experienced a prolonged power outage (that wasn't scheduled maintenance) in my life, that said I suspect that to change as our Country gravitates towards renewable energy and battery infrastructure. We have several large capacity powerbanks and I keep a charged back up battery for my...
  2. M@elstrom

    Show your nightstand flashlight!

    My bedside table is like many a dumping spot for pocketable items 😅
  3. M@elstrom

    Mod work?

    A true "Flash-a-holic" would purchase both the CRI and alternative LED option (or at least aspire to) LOL :crackup: Welcome to the Forums (y)
  4. M@elstrom

    Modifying a 3 C cell Maglite using lithium at 6-8vdc

    Sorry I was unaware these heatsinks were now unavailable, I haven't done much modding over the last 5+ years, thankfully I put a Mag C heatsink aside (for a future project).
  5. M@elstrom

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Lumintop Tool AA (IMR 14500) - external (and cabin) inspection of 2 suspicious vehicles parked in an unusual location near a workplace during early morning hours.
  6. M@elstrom

    Modifying a 3 C cell Maglite using lithium at 6-8vdc

    If you wanted to go LED... a heatsink pill to mount the emitter to would also work equally well, just need to remove the bulb tower and cut/mod the switch, a driver board with suitable range could be mounted to the underside of the pill.
  7. M@elstrom

    When was the last time you actually needed to use a flash light for 7 or more hours

    I can't say I've ever required such runtime (even when rostered for overnight Patrols), I use my torches sporadically in conjunction with night adapted vision (which I prefer) but carry the equivalent of 7-9 hours of constant useable Lumens on my duty rig with an additional 4-8 hours in my shift...
  8. M@elstrom

    My power outage/ balck out kit

    Various USB powerbanks A large selection of torches, lanterns and portable area lighting A good supply of AA (primarily for gaming controls) Candles Portable camp gas cook top Portable AM/FM/SW radio
  9. M@elstrom

    Led Lenser upgrade

    Each to their own, how much brighter would you want to go? Will there be sufficient thermal mass to keep the emitter cool? The emitter looks like a Luxeon series most likely the 5w variant, I used to pick up the el-cheapo Kmart 3D aluminium lights with the 1w emitter and swap in the 5w...
  10. M@elstrom

    Lookin' for the some "Old Timers" forum members

    LED technology has certainly changed since way back then... higher CRI lights etc. Biggest issue I see is sourcing replacement incandescent bulbs ☹
  11. M@elstrom

    Lookin' for the some "Old Timers" forum members

    What is this heresy? 🤣 I still carry a Streamlight Stinger at work everyday to compliment my high mileage Klarus XT11, I admittedly use it rarely but appreciate the warmer light on those odd occasions 👍
  12. M@elstrom

    Default Where to find Energizer PUL3BU1 light, or one like it?

    Should you not be able to restore your present light, would you consider a pocket mounted light? a few come to mind the Quiglite PRO, Skilhunt PL1 or Night Seeker pocket light essentially it clips into your shirt pocket and you tap it on/off 👍
  13. M@elstrom

    Flashlight / torch use by the public less common?

    I mostly rely on my night adapted vision but always carry a low/high output light for use as the requirements change... each to their own.
  14. M@elstrom

    Show your beat up light.

    I had an Inova T3 a couple of years ago, nice light sold it on eventually (regretful sale) but the Anodizing was indeed top notch 👍
  15. M@elstrom

    Show your beat up light.

    My most beat up light is a Jetbeam Jet III-M (R2) from 2009 so well over 10 years old, spent most of it's life (when not in use) in a nylon pouch, the stainless steel bezel protected it well when accidentally dropped.
  16. M@elstrom

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Q: What did you use your flashlight cor today? A: Same as always... to chase the darkness away :laughing:
  17. M@elstrom

    Flashlights Are Basically Toys

    I disagree... I have lots of lights but I don't use them all the time, I am fascinated by big high output lights but would class them as either collectibles OR tools, I have 6+ hammers which I don't use all the time (mallets, clubs, engineering etc.) does that then make them toys? I think not...
  18. M@elstrom

    Wow, why in the world do you carry a flashlight with you?

    Yes true but the extra spill is more than useful... I EDC an A2L :thumbsup:
  19. M@elstrom

    Flashlight 'Unknown' Code of Conduct.

    Where were you walking in a public place? was it well lit? I'll happily "light up" anyone lurking somewhere in the shadows, their discontent is not my concern.
  20. M@elstrom

    The 2013 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List

    Re: The 2013 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast Your Vote! Surefire L1 Surefire A2 Surefire A2L Klarus XT11 Jetbeam Jet III-M (R2)