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  1. M@elstrom

    Smallest aaa torch/flashlight in 2023

    They cost a little more here thanks to the currency exchange rate but are still a damn good/useful light, I bought two for family (upgrades from 5mm LED fobs), if I wasn't so taken by the Lumintop Tool AA I would EDC an i3E EOS 👍 I was also tempted by the Thrunite Ti2 @ 120lm output 🤔
  2. M@elstrom

    Maglite 4 D cell ML300L

    I can understand that, their intelli-charger works well for conventional Li-ion and IMR cells but I suspect the severely reduce capacity of the AA's resulted from being overheated (although to be fair they were old) YMMV
  3. M@elstrom

    Maglite 4 D cell ML300L

    +1 on the NiMH D cells, best investment I ever made for my modded P7 Maglite, I use an older 4 bay NiCD/NiMH charger as my Nitecore Intelli-charger overheated my AA NiMHs so I never risked the D cells...
  4. M@elstrom

    Where are all the 1AA flashlights these days?

    +1 on the Lumintop Tool AA
  5. M@elstrom

    Good drop in for 3 D cell Maglite?

    What are you using currently? I used to run a TerralLUX TLE-6EXB (now discontinued) and found it adequate, not great but better than the incandescent it came with and runtime was sufficient, that suggested Lumencraft Firefly 325lm drop in looks alike a real contender in the Output Vs. Runtime...
  6. M@elstrom

    Flashlight for OLD person!

    Hey whatever works right? I was contemplating manual dexterity as many elderly can experience issues holding items if unable to close their grip sufficiently, multimodes... will be curious how that pans out, my experience with older Citizens has been the more complicated the more likely there...
  7. M@elstrom

    Flashlight for OLD person!

    Never had an issue with Maglites... but I did with other's using generic el-cheapo off the shelf PR bulbs, bulb quality was a real consideration during the era of incandescents. As for suggestions, how about a worklight? Or Energizer Hardcase angle/pivot head?
  8. M@elstrom

    Surefire 6P questions

    Indeed... two is one but 3 is too much on a duty rig, I suppose a small AAA or AA light could ride on a chest rig or in a utility pocket, really depends on style/configuration of duty rig worn, everyone's needs are different 👍
  9. M@elstrom

    JetBeam RRT-15 Operational failures

    Re: JetBeam RRT-15 18500 battery issue... Well the light has degraded further still... once again out on Patrols the light failed, 18500 cells had been fully charged and have since been checked as AOK, placing 2 18650 cells yields the same results this morning specifically stepping down to low...
  10. M@elstrom

    JetBeam RRT-15 Operational failures

    Re: JetBeam RRT-15 18500 battery issue... I have since been able to get the light to run on 2 x 18500's though not initially (2 x 18650's work flawlessly), to add insult to injury however the control ring has ceased functioning and remains set on high (which is better than strobe only I...
  11. M@elstrom

    JetBeam RRT-15 Operational failures

    Re: JetBeam RRT-15 18500 battery issue... Well I can only conclude that one of the Li-Ion cells developed a dubious protection circuit issue (because they had been working AOK), I've ordered another pair so we'll see how they fare this time around.
  12. M@elstrom

    JetBeam RRT-15 Operational failures

    I've been using the Keeppower (Sanyo) 18500 cells in my new RRT-15 and all was well until last night when I really needed the torch and it failed, on closer inspection the cells have a tail cap draw around 0.7A and the light operates but will not with the tail cap alone. Next I tried 2 x...
  13. M@elstrom

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    A JetBeam RRT-15 because it was on sale and I wanted to check out it's control ring UI and beam throw for myself (compared to a pocketable Klarus XT11), I quite like the battery flexibility as well 3xCr123a, 2x18500 & 2x18650 (with included extender tube).
  14. M@elstrom

    Has anyone ever used strobe mode?

    Re: Anyone actually use Strobe? Agreed... flashlights in a low light environment can be effective at disorienting others (more so strobe), however the vision of "substance impaired" individuals recovers even slower from the same bursts of light IMHO :thumbsup:
  15. M@elstrom

    A2L modification

    AFAIK Calipsoli's mod is for the incandescent A2 not the A2L, I know Milkyspit has done at least one mod for this newer version as detailed HERE :thumbsup:
  16. M@elstrom

    Why low mode first on LED lights? Suggestions?

    The newer Energizer 1AA light has an automatic timeout function if left on (or accidentally activated) combined with a variable output control...
  17. M@elstrom

    Most reliable mini AA light

    I'm very satisfied with the performance/reliability of my Energizer 1AA single mode 1W LED light, it's pre-loved and still there's no issue with it (I did clean the threads up and re-lube), their newer models have more modes but both have a decent pocket clip, mine EDC's in a pants pocket...
  18. M@elstrom

    Icon Rogue 2 100-Lumen Flashlight

    Nice... if Woot shipped Internationally I'd be all over one of those at that price! :thumbsup:
  19. M@elstrom

    Scorpion Vs Preditor Vs TN11

    I too wanted a Thrunite Scorpion as with a Turbo head is chucks a tonne of Lumens down range (for it's size) BUT as ready mentioned the plastic control ring it sports has the "potential" to be problematic and this was a real deal breaker for me, I ended up opting for a Klarus XT11 based on it's...
  20. M@elstrom

    Dedicated throwers

    Yes they did in post #937 :thumbsup: Removing the dome appears to effect both the beam and thermal characteristics of the emitter ;)