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  1. troutpool

    For Sale - Flashlight Parts FS: Parts for Malkoff MD2 Flashlight

    What is offered here is not a complete flashlight. For sale are the following parts from a Malkoff MD2 torch:1) knurled battery tube, 2) head, including glass lens and rubber gasket, 3) Hi-Lo ring. To make this a complete light, you would need to add a tailcap, a dropin and batteries. Used only...
  2. troutpool

    Sold/Expired WTB: Knurled tailcap for Malkoff MD2

    If anyone has a spare knurled tailcap for a Malkoff MD2, please let me know. I need one. Bob
  3. troutpool

    Are CR2 flashlights a dying breed?

    Looks like Jil Lite is still in business and selling their little CR2 light and other goodies.
  4. troutpool

    Sold/Expired lot of lights,

    Very generous, Rstype!
  5. troutpool

    Are CR2 flashlights a dying breed?

    ...but not forgotten.
  6. troutpool

    Surefire + Malkoff: What’s your combo?

    My favorite is a yellow G2 with an LLLL in it. I use it around the house in the evening a lot.
  7. troutpool

    WTB Surefire E size Mule Head Shell

    You might also contact the Sandwich Shoppe at to see if they happen to have an empty Aleph mule head to sell you.
  8. troutpool

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    No, they ignored both the flashlight and the outside lights that were on until turned off by the timer at 9 o'clock.
  9. troutpool

    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    Used my HDS Rotary NB40 to watch two Western Screech Owlets that fledged last night. They were born in a nest box we put up. Last night they explored all around the yard, while watched over by dad and fed a few times by mom. Lots of activity, and great fun to watch.
  10. troutpool

    The last of the special metal lights...

    Bravo, Hogo! Some of the best flashlight family photos ever!
  11. troutpool

    Malkoff Picture Thread

    My understanding is that McClicky switches are all the same and that it is the boot that determines soft, medium or hard press operation.
  12. troutpool

    Malkoff Picture Thread

    Oveready sells them in your choice of Soft, Medium or Hard press.
  13. troutpool

    Malkoff Picture Thread

    The external O-ring is really helpful on some lights. The earliest use of them that I recall is on the McGizmo McLux lights. I currently have them on an old style Malkoff 1xAA body and on a Surefire L1 in place of the lanyard ring.
  14. troutpool

    Sold/Expired WTB Peak Brass or copper Eiger

    You could order a brand new one from Peak with a Nichia emitter.
  15. troutpool


    Valued member Archimedes recommended the translucent cap from a plastic water bottle as a quick and easy, no cost diffuser for one inch diameter lights. I have tried them and they do the job just fine.
  16. troutpool

    Sold/Expired Two for the Price of One: Malkoff M31LL + Sofirn C01R

    Yes, the M31LL is Malkoff's basic cool white tint.
  17. troutpool


    The old Surefire F04 diffusers are great on one inch diameter lights. Currently I have one on my nightstand light, an HDS Rotary.
  18. troutpool

    Sold/Expired Two for the Price of One: Malkoff M31LL + Sofirn C01R

    1. Malkoff M31LL dropin. Cool white beam. Minimal use, works perfectly. 2. Sofirn C01R flashlight. 1xAAA twisty with a red LED. Three modes L-M-H. Always turns on to L. New with original box and extras. Both together for $50 shipped to a US address.
  19. troutpool

    Thumpers for sale.

    Pittsburgh Shillelaghs. Or, in England, Sheffield Shillelaghs.