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  1. It01Firefox

    Anyone EDC their SF Titan on their keyring ?

    I carry one of my T1As on a seperate P7 suspension clip right next to my keys.
  2. It01Firefox

    Shouldn't Lumens Factory Have a Turbo Head?

    I'd be interested in the 3" M head as well.
  3. It01Firefox

    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    That's a Surefire 10X Dominator and these are two incan lamps and not LEDs.
  4. It01Firefox

    Surefire L4 170 lumen Output?

    I have an L4 with a B head that I purchased in May and I just got one of the 170 lumens C heads and the beam shape, color and intensity is exactly the same.
  5. It01Firefox

    Show your Rare/Unusual SureFires - Part 2

    Well look what happens when you're bored on a Saturday afternoon ;) Reverse: After cleaning up the grip rings:
  6. It01Firefox

    Show your Rare/Unusual SureFires - Part 2

    It's still sealed.
  7. It01Firefox

    Show your Rare/Unusual SureFires - Part 2

    That's a real nice offer, but now here you make me feel like mine might be more valuable to you, since I could have one without the packaging in just a few seconds ... :D Plus this lucky owner gets to travel to the US usually twice a year ... Well there are two Surefire model number stickers...
  8. It01Firefox

    Show your Rare/Unusual SureFires - Part 2

    Well I have a lot of Surefires but I usually get them to use them, so the only SF I have that is NIP, other than this Z3, is a 6P gift set of which I have two, so I only opened one. But you're right, I think the Z3 is a rare find, too, so I'm on the fence on this one. Ah well, we'll see how...
  9. It01Firefox

    Show your Rare/Unusual SureFires - Part 2

    Yup, that's the one. Thanks for letting me have it. I'll put the decision off till I get home tonight :D
  10. It01Firefox

    Show your Rare/Unusual SureFires - Part 2

    This just arrived here: A Surefire Z3, not as rare as some of the others in this thread, but it's still BNIP. I'm still trying to work up the courage to open it ;)
  11. It01Firefox

    Niteye Zip 20?

    Thanks for the clarification. :thumbsup: I never meant to imply that it was solely Nitecore's copy that promted the discontinuation of the revo.
  12. It01Firefox

    Niteye Zip 20?

    I don't get the point you're making, are you saying "hey somebody else copied the design before they did, so now it's fair game"?
  13. It01Firefox

    Preon Revo Discontinued?!

    So what? Everything is getting more expensive, it's called inflation.
  14. It01Firefox

    Niteye Zip 20?

    Also, have you ever compared the (now discontinued) 4sevens revo and the Nitecore T-series. The revo was discontinued for a reason.
  15. It01Firefox

    Do you Spy?

    Thanks! I need to get a pic of it with better lighting since it looks black in the one above but is actually brown. Plus I need to use my own camera, I didn't want to figure out how to work the one we have lying around to office here to get a good shot ;)
  16. It01Firefox

    Do you Spy?

    Well of course you can, unfortunately I don't have much info on it, yet, since I just recieved it and I didn't even know that it was included with the Spy I just bought. But I'll ask the seller for more info and get back to you. I think it looks a lot like an AOTH holster though. EDIT: I just...
  17. It01Firefox

    Spy 007 Official Ownership Registry

    Number 524 is now staying with me.
  18. It01Firefox

    Do you Spy?

    Well I didn't before but I sure do now! Number 524 just found its way to me.
  19. It01Firefox

    Sold/Expired Homemade Surefire A2 Aviator LED rings (2nd Run) *CLOSED*

    Re: FS: Homemade Surefire A2 Aviator LED rings (2nd Run) *OPEN* Hi Mike, I just recieved mine and had to test them out right away. I love them! Thank you for these great little rings, they make a great light even better. Markus
  20. It01Firefox

    Surefire e2e head on LX2 body... with pics

    I don't have my LX2 with me right now so I can't check, but afaik the driver is in the head and not the battery tube like on the L2. So the config the OP is running just uses the resistor in the tailcap to get the lower output and it's not regulated in any way.