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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    *In my best Ed McMahon voice* "Hiiii Yooo" :wave::wave:. I think the last time I posted before this was 2012. Its nice to be back.
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    Converting Itunes to mp3 question

    This link should be pretty useful for you:
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    Almost lost my wife tonight - spent the evening in the ER

    Thank God your wife is ok. I hope she recovers completely and that all is well with you and your family.
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    New to CPF

    Hello, and :welcome:. Feel free to ask any questions on your mind.
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    Sad news about our Administrator Roy

    My condolences to family and friends. Rest In Peace. :mecry::candle:
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    Wife got mad last night

    Hahahaha:crackup:. Pretty funny suggestion. But I get the feeling that if fresnorich follows your advice, all his future CPF posts will be made from a computer at a public library, or somewhere else not in his home, hehe.
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    Happy Mother's Day!!! :-)

    To all the mom's: Happy Mother's Day! Thanks to my mom, of course, and all the maternal figures and strong women in my life. Heaven only knows where I'd be without them. :thanks::bow:
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    Iron Man - Yes! Good action entertainment *Updated* now with spoilers

    Re: Iron Man - Yes! Good action entertainment *no spoilers* +1 Iron Man was chocked full of awesomeness. The only thing I can add is to stay til the very end after the credits.:twothumbs
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    What happens today, 55 years from now?

    Maybe NYC and Long Island will secede from NY state together to form the 51st state. The proposal for Long Island to leave NY state comes up every now and then too.
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    More TSA, batteries, etc

    Sorry your trip didn't work out. :thumbsdow But I'm glad to hear about your good experience at JFK. :thumbsup: That's a good tip with the empty water bottle btw.
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    R.I.P. Mom in law...

    I'm sorry for your loss. You have my deepest condolences.
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    Filkergem has passed away

    What a terrible tragedy. My prayers and condoloences go out to the family.
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    Daylight Saving(s) Time begins tomorrow (03-09-08)

    Actually there's at least one study that shows that Daylights Savings Time actually wastes energy: But the thing that strikes me as odd is how we use the names "Standard Time" and "Daylight Savings...
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    Check it out, easy money

    Need money for flashlights? :broke: This seems legit: There does seem to be one minor string attached. Can't seem to place my finger on it though. :confused::thinking:
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    :welcome: Feel free to ask any questions or for any advice.
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    Why?? Why did I come here!?!?!?

    :welcome: You got sucked in at a very good time. If it makes you feel any better just tell yourself that you can stop buying lights any time you want to. Of course when that fails remember that you'll need at least one each of the following: - A long running, lower output light for preserving...
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    Happy birthday Sasha!!!

    Happy (belated) Birthday Sasha! I don't think everyone here on CPF can thank you enough for all the hours and amazing work you put into making this forum work. :twothumbs:bow::thanks:
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    All I Ever Do...

    Huh, that is a bad price for the 2AA Mini-Mag. Good thing I never buy Mini-Mags from Campsaver. They're good for other things though, and I usually wait til they have sales.
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    All I Ever Do...

    Well I suppose you wouldn't be collecting Emergency / Survival gear in a strict sense. If you had the proper tools and right amount of supplies to get you through an emergency, you probably wouldn't need to collect for example; first-aid kits, or radios. But the first thing that comes to mind...
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    All I Ever Do...

    Emergency / Survival Gear. After I found this website, all I ever looked for / bought online was flashlights. But I've branched out to Emergency / Survival Gear. Go to any website that talks about emergency prep kits and a flashlight is pretty much always on the list of must have items. I...