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  1. M@elstrom

    New Professional's Favorite 20 Million Plus Candlepower Spotlight

    Afraid this is the best I can do for you (from the previous re-badged version) ;)
  2. M@elstrom

    Focusable H4 (or other) light socket

    Why don't you just fabricate one? I've always made up my own h4 focus rings for HID projects (see signature line for details), I know others have also successfully opted to use a PVC pipe section too ;)
  3. M@elstrom

    Sunforce 40 million CP HID spotlight

    No surprise there ;) You don't need an electrician as it's only a 12v battery configuration, plenty of guide on the internet (and here) to see you through, ma sha1 pretty much said what I was trying to convey basically hotwire it! :D
  4. M@elstrom

    Sunforce 40 million CP HID spotlight

    I'm not familiar with the features/specifications of this light but which circuit board are you referring to, the ballast OR spotlight control board?
  5. M@elstrom

    Gimp needs help picking equipment

    I'm thinking you've got 2 obvious options, a HID spotlight which will run slightly longer than the Qbeam but weighs in at about the same or a little more OR a high power LED flashlight (which weighs less and runs longer), to compare their performance to your existing Qbeam I've included these...
  6. M@elstrom

    Thor X Colossus 18 Million Candlepower Rechargeable Spotlight Problem - Please Assist

    Try BVH's solution first, then if you get no results try an external power source for the bulb (it'll plug into an automotive light headlight socket :thumbsup:
  7. M@elstrom

    10 million candlepower spotlight not working

    If there's power getting to the tri-spade connector of the H4 bulb then the bulb must be cactus, check your negative line and in-line fuses (if it has any) :thumbsup:
  8. M@elstrom

    Battery for HID?

    Okay... your SLA is fubar! :ohgeez: Why? I run 55w HID kits in two different hosts and get around 30~50 minutes from each on a full charge, while a 55w draw on a 7Ah cell would consume 4.6Ah these ballasts really chew through a battery's capacity when starting up @ 12v~18.8v/5.3A~30A...
  9. M@elstrom

    I'm making a monster...

    I use 2 6v 4Amp SLAs in series in my smaller HID host (RT3500) :thumbsup:
  10. M@elstrom

    weapon mounted light

    As already mentioned those are some heavy lights to be mounting off the front of your hunting rifle aren't they gonna' get heavy after a couple of hours (they'll weigh more hanging off the barrel than in your hand)? Another point to consider how will the lights hold up to weapon recoil? I know...
  11. M@elstrom

    I'm making a monster...

    You wont regret it... these massive reflectors punch out a decent beam with a properly focused bulb :thumbsup: Mine wasn't but I found the HID bulb had slightly different filament-to-base specification (when compared to the stock H4) below you can see the difference in beam quality between the...
  12. M@elstrom

    I'm making a monster...

    Ask and Ye shall receive! :D I made a focus collar that sat outside the rear of the bulb retainer (see below) then pot riveted it in place... accurate measurement is everything but it's not like you can't make a few prototype collar/shims (I know I did) :thumbsup:
  13. M@elstrom

    selfbuild 55W HID, low budget, low work vs N30

    Ah... a novel approach, glad you were able to rectify the focus issue! :thumbsup:
  14. M@elstrom


    TBH the second spotlight you link to is only a 55w unit, the battery has even less capacity than the 12v spotlight you already have, IMHO the most WOW factor will be attained by modding either host with an automotive HID kit :D I've got one like your current spotlight (marketed here as the...
  15. M@elstrom

    SunForce 25 Million Candlepower HID Rechargeable Spotlight

    Somebody had their "weetbix" this morning, you're on the money 100% both my rechargeable spotlights (now HID) came with said "wall wart" transformer/charger... considering the price point I wouldn't expect anything else :thumbsup:
  16. M@elstrom

    6V H3 to HID first try

    Ooooohhhhh... me likey! :thumbsup:
  17. M@elstrom

    New Professional's Favorite 20 Million Plus Candlepower Spotlight

    Both of the big Pro's Favourites make great 12v standby power sources too, last power outage whilst everybody else was staring at candles (OR running around with $2 torches) we were watching a new release on the portable DVD player :D
  18. M@elstrom

    GMC 3MCP Twin Spotlight

    That's okay... I've got plenty of time & popcorn :D
  19. M@elstrom

    New Professional's Favorite 20 Million Plus Candlepower Spotlight

    Hey BlueBeam22 I've recently located this light of yours in our local Repco Auto Spares store, I was in an awful hurry so I didn't notice either the branding nor price... nevertheless it's now available downunder for anyone who's interested! :thumbsup: