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  1. bridgman

    LEP Lights Made Outside of China

    Nah... I just hate following threads where there are multiple intertwined discussions going on because the original question could be interpreted in multiple ways. But I did like your post, even if I snorted coffee on my desk when I read it :)
  2. bridgman

    LEP Lights Made Outside of China

    A clarifying question - what about (for example) a made-in-China LEP module in a made-somewhere-else light ?
  3. bridgman

    Operating a tail standing tailcap switch

    I have been gradually replacing my smaller tail-standing lights with larger diameter ones, ie going from 18650 to 21700 size. Seems that I am too old to change from using my thumb and I find that going to a slightly larger tube (eg a Convoy S21) gets the "ears" out of the way. For the smaller...
  4. bridgman

    LED Search Light

    One thing I always wondered is why we don't see multi-LED lights with the LEDs fanned out horizontally but not vertically. Search and rescue is the obvious application but I always end up torn between a floody light that illuminates the tree tops and close-to-me ground (waste of lumens) and a...
  5. bridgman

    Earth Hour is Today March 25th

    My reaction was "OMG is it March already ?". Good time to charge all the lights and spare batteries. I have been rediscovering my Streamlight Survivor, which seems to be able to run for a couple of weeks in moonlight mode. It's only 175 lumens at best but "low" still has a pretty bright spot...
  6. bridgman

    why so much hate towards electric cars?

    I don't need 1000 miles of range, but I do drive around northern Ontario quite a bit in winter and usually carry a couple of 5 gallon gas cans in addition to the ~400 mile range of the main gas tank. It only takes one gas station to be malfunctioning (eg a power outage) or closed to wreak havoc...
  7. bridgman

    How do you get your drinking water?

    One of the common questions you see on forums for swimming pool maintenance is "how much chlorine does it take to eliminate a dead bird in the pool ?". The context usually suggests an unspoken follow-on - "or should I just scoop it out ?".
  8. bridgman

    How do you get your drinking water?

    My fridge has a built in filter/icemaker but the icemaker broke years ago and the water chiller is leaking, so I "graduated" to a Brita pitcher. Tap water is safe to drink and tastes OK but the filtered tastes a bit better and it handles the occasional time when the tap water comes out brown...
  9. bridgman

    Cheap long range thrower that could be useful for spotting big foot!

    I'm thinking about giving up on searching with a narrow beam and investing in parachute flares instead. It's too bad there isn't a color set aside for "having fun and looking for bigfoot"... AFAIK all of the colours are considered emergency flares and illegal for non-emergency use. Pity.
  10. bridgman

    More Alkaline Woes

    Ouch - getting equipment damaged by alkaline leaks is bad enough the other 364 days of the year but it really sucks at Christmas. I guess we can call it a learning experience for the grandkids ("this is an alkaline battery - don't touch it, it's pure evil") but I didn't start to appreciate...
  11. bridgman

    Poor Man's FM1909 ($1 bulb)

    Hmm... I just flashed that 5607 after recharging the Eneloops. Three of the cells were fresh off the charger but the other six had rested overnight while the last few cells were charging. I don't remember if I got around to testing on fully charged cells before... I think the answer is no. I...
  12. bridgman

    Did Santa leave a flashlight?

    Very good idea - I have been running no-name alkalines in the Streamlight Duallie and feeling guilty about it - will go and take care of that first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks !!
  13. bridgman

    What to do with incan 4D mag lite?

    I am running one of those Firefly upgrades in my Mag 4D (with EBL NiMH cells) and am quite happy with it. Low is good for indoors, medium for outdoors, high is there if you need it and it has a very long runtime on low. Having said that, I'm staring at a 2C Mag with a couple of 18500's and...
  14. bridgman

    Did Santa leave a flashlight?

    No new flashlights but something even better - enough cancelled work meetings that I had time to use the lights I already had doing various tasks inside and outside the house. Surprisingly (to me anyways) the Mag ML25LT 2C has become my most-used flashlight, displacing a Streamlight 3AA Duallie...
  15. bridgman

    Are there Any lights.that get super hot?

    I would be thinking about a light that normally runs at a few hundred lumens (enough to reliably get the reflection off their eyes but not so bright that you can't shine it around in all directions) that can go to a few thousand lumens with a button push. Around here for every large animal in...
  16. bridgman

    Which AA LED lights currently owned are your favorites?

    My first thought was my Mag85 with 9 AA's, followed by a Streamlight Duallie with 3AA's (although a warmer tint would be nice) but I'm sensing a bit of a 1AA pattern to the posts so far. If that is the case then embarrassingly enough I am down to a single 1AA light, an original Fenix LD15.
  17. bridgman

    Avoid charging Li-ion batteries at extremely low temperature

    I'm thinking about things like RV's (which increasingly use lithium ion batteries rather than lead acid) - unless you manually switch off solar charging or DC-DC from the alternator then it could easily happen. I guess the question is whether common battery management systems are smart enough to...
  18. bridgman

    Butter and Bread and Sandwiches Oh My! (II)

    My quality of life went down dramatically when my brother-in-law (fryer and smoker of turkeys for family get-togethers) started making his own broth and I lost my supply of turkey carcasses. I still get a smoked drumstick or two for soup or beans but it's not the same.
  19. bridgman

    Members' experience by brand with leaking alkaline cells.

    That's an interesting point - I used to monitor equipment with alkaline batteries by turning it on with high load - if it didn't work then the batteries came out instantly. That hasn't always worked with Duracells, although I can't comment re: whether it is a problem with current batteries from...
  20. bridgman

    Nearly half of U.S. households use LED bulbs for all or most of their indoor lighting

    Lots of summer, but I tend to go to sleep around the time it gets dark so not much draw on incandescent lighting. Any time I need light when not in a heating cycle I use LED, but that is a pretty small part of the demand. Agree that gas should be cheaper than electricity, but up here the...