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  1. Bazar

    which 18650 is the most popular

    Where on earth do you live? In most places, buying 2 or three batteries should come at time within a month or 2, and even if you get the light you want within 2 weeks that's still plenty of time to buy after, not before. You don't need batteries to run flashlights, you need battery, 1, one...
  2. Bazar

    which 18650 is the most popular

    I'd recommend light first every time. Also all 18650s decay. They have a shelf life of 10 years or so, so stalking up on them is, unlikely to be useful. Many lights using 4x18650 are unpredictable. They often have tight small battery packs with many hardware limitations. The Acebeam X80 GT is...
  3. Bazar

    21700/20700 protected cell charger

    it looks like the best viable option is the nitecore UM2.
  4. Bazar

    21700/20700 protected cell charger

    Well that was phenomenal, thanks very much for this work!
  5. Bazar

    ACEBEAM IMR 3100 mAh "PROTECTED"?????

    these are impressive feats of batteries. they are the strongest protected batteries available of dec. 2018 and have 4 MOSFETS with overcharge/discharge and reverse polarity protection-good thing, since the coloring of the battery suggests you insert it backwards into charger. (now this is just...
  6. Bazar

    21700/20700 protected cell charger

    I can not find any proof that any CPF review of a charger shows it may fit a cell 76mm in length. Does anyone know and maybe have a picture of a protected 21700 cell in a charger? Or a ruler with showing the chamber being 76mm long? And sorry, 75 isn't enough both my XTar have that.
  7. Bazar

    hello everyone 14500 vs energizers litium batterys

    Don't be bummed. The Energizer batteries are excellent batteries with lots of good use in flashlights. Their energy density is almost equal to all 14500s especially when you factor in their reduction in weight. When put to use in extreme cold they have far longer runtimes. They can be left in...
  8. Bazar

    MiBoxer C2-3000 Review

    now listen, can this charger fit a 21700 that is protected? is it indeed 76mm in length?
  9. Bazar

    Two different 21700 batteries give different output at all levels on C8F

    my guess is that it is current regulated but not voltage considered. most amperage regulation also uses voltage monitoring but if this doesn't then the lower level amp output will limit the light. or it just pain knows and is aware the battery isn't the one it wants but then they would tell you...