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  1. Bazar

    Tough keychain flashlight

    I have a AAA rayovac that is claimed indestructible and has worked great. Uses plastic, a much better material for the pocket. Pathetic output but it works. I also use the Folomov EDC2 and the Fenix LD02 v2 which are small lights with no key ring.
  2. Bazar

    major screw-up?

    Don't turn it on till you dry it out. Water might be in there and let it work, but electric damage can happen if you run it with the water in there
  3. Bazar

    Why is it so hard to find lights in any other color than black?

    You know what, one time I left my 2015 tk75 at a grocery store after dark in the cart. It had nothing covering it. I left it for an hour and a half, worth 240 dollars at the time, I came back and it was still there right in front of the store where the bike rack is where I left it. >Sometimes...
  4. Bazar

    Is this really advancement?

    Many manufacturers are starting to specifically state this on the packaging and some retailers (batteryjunction) are also making this clear. The confusion starts when one brand (fenix....ish for some of their lights anyway) states a mode that will last for a good few minutes and the Acebeam...
  5. Bazar

    Is this really advancement?

    The advancement from xhp70.0 to xhp70.2 is 3,600 lumens to 4000 lumens or more accurately to say about 165 lumens per watt at the emitter to 180 lumens per watt. Whether or not the rest of the flashlight has improved, LEDs can be much brighter for the watts than they are right now. In the...
  6. Bazar

    Does high amp battery push the LED to hard?

    Hypothetically let's say a special fet type driver was made to try to get the most out of an 18650 cell size (max of around 20-30 amps), and you forced a 21700 down the throat of the flashlight with modified hardware. If anything broke, it would probably be the driver itself. The LED would...
  7. Bazar

    Buy a 1 crazy light or 3 smaller ones

    I recently got the LR40R as I thought the flood with throw would be satisfying. oh, and it is, but, with already owning the x80gt I prefer to carry over the LR40R, I bought a small thrower to carry with it to have equal power in throw to the LR40R overall, and 3 times the lumens overall...
  8. Bazar

    Why is it so hard to find lights in any other color than black?

    well the issue here is that this is one of only 3 mil spec anodizing options. Black, tan, and a grey color, nothing else is trully T6 hardened and type III. This and black is literally the cheapest as many black finishing places already have compacity for such a thing. however...
  9. Bazar

    What did you do for runtime before LEDs?

    I used 4 D lantern-style spotlight type lights. and 6 volt lights. that was also before my interest in lights though. and like gun enthusiasts, it is the spark of technology in flashlights itself that makes them interesting at all and not just typical limited tools. plenty of runtime with...
  10. Bazar

    Picking one light only

    Like this, but not cheapo. My Fenix FD20 comes to mind as a good 2xAA bat flashlight for extremes, like if the word is ending. The availability of the AAs is greater importance than anything else in some volcanic or nuclear storm and solar recharging and power in general will be very limited...
  11. Bazar

    What was your favorite/best flashlight of 2018

    the Acebeam x80gt. as is also my best and funnest light ever.
  12. Bazar

    Coast Lights...Thoughts?

    I have had a solitaire and the quality anymore just isn't there just doesn't use well. maglight in general I just don't think is legitimate. they are holding on buy a thread because a while ago coast and Walmart and everyone made far stronger lights than maglite that were also cheaper. but...
  13. Bazar

    A different use

    I recommend walking against traffic of course with a headlamp on a 50-100 lumen setting, provided you look down as the car passes. If the road is narrow enough bite your ego and pick up a hi-vis vest. And also having a backup battery for the headlamp. Maybe a pocket Emisar D4 just cause?
  14. Bazar

    Showerheads again?

    I would definitely reiterate the importance of battery-driver efficiency. this is what has increased enough that running multiple high-end emitters is possible. also a trend in larger than life flashlights, which has led up to the ridiculous, 53thousand lumen ms12 by imalent. this has 8...
  15. Bazar

    True lumens vs turbo mode need help..

    Listen, in all legitimate terms, any 2017 Fenix, surefire, Olight, Acebeam, Zebralight, Klarus, Nitecore, streamlight, will do you great justice with your lighting needs. For wants or critical use you should carry 2 because failure is always, always a possibility (unless you have an elzetta...
  16. Bazar

    Lights should be expensive ---- Re: Why are Surefire lights expensive?

    Well with the first point being your expensive flashlight broke, I think the point is settled then. Even good brands with timeless names are useless sometimes and still break. Paying for a warranty, he? I'd rather save my money for the next flashlight, just saying. Coast flashlights are cheap...
  17. Bazar

    Lights should be expensive ---- Re: Why are Surefire lights expensive?

    Thanks. This is very true. Whilst brand name is important, my only Olight ever is also my only flashlight over 100 dollars to fail, and, I haven't gotten it resolved by the warranty. In different universe, I have purchased budget items made by Chinese companies, like Fiio headphone...
  18. Bazar

    Lights should be expensive ---- Re: Why are Surefire lights expensive?

    You severely missed my point. Do not read one line, read the whole post, think further. The OP was basically stating that performance aspects are a significant role of pricing, they are not that was my point. Even combined quality, machining (surefire vs emisar, emisar categorically wins)...
  19. Bazar

    Travel and camping lights of choice

    Even keeping it light, a D4 and a Fenix tko9 are minimal for me, maybe my tk32 with rgb and more throw instead of tk09. But who am I kidding, I never would go out without my T21vn. Single 18650 if need be.
  20. Bazar

    Nitecore TM03 vs Klarus xt11 gt?

    Posting an open discussion on which flashlight is better for tactical use or nightwatch use since both are comparable. A little background, I was looking at the Nitecore tm03 for its use of 2800 lumens s and different buttons for fast operation of low mode, highest mode, and strobe all one...