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    2-D Mag Highest Lumen LED Dropin Upgrade With/Without Reflector Sought

    I have a retro kit consisting of the Mag LED switch and reflector. Go to ebay and type in Kel-Lite flashlights, I have it listed at $15 plus shipping. I guarantee you will love it.
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    Thanks for the plug, hope your parts arrived ok. Don
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    Unfortunetly serial numbers on Kel-Lites don't give you any info re: when they were made or any other helpful info. Serial numbers were put on at that time so LE departments that furnished them had a way to ID them. Don Keller
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    The vintage California cop light company thread

    As the author of this book I have no problem with you scanning and sharing the contents of my book Kel-Lite Manual of Defensive Tactics. Don Keller