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    Olight warrior pro white body with ugly yellow tint?

    Anyone know why the white body version of the warrior pro has an ugly yellow tint on low and a decent rendering on high? Anyone want to help a brother out with a modder who can swap to the fenix pd36r emitter? I emailed Vihn but haven't received a response in two weeks
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    Upgrade for older TK41?

    Hate to get rid of an older TK41 ....would love to upgrade to a current emitter worthy of this host's capabilities.....any suggestions would greatly be appreciated
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    Upgrade an old Fenix TK41?

    Hey everyone....just curious if there is a cost effective way to upgrade an old TK41 to a more current emitter? Something in the 6k color/ 40k candela options? I have never done a mod so I am trying not to talk over my own head.....thanks in advance
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    Convoy C8+ Desert Sand Review

    Makes since.......thanks for the thorough response!
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    EDC - What's in Your Pocket(s)?? Third Edition

    In the pocket Spyderco P3 ZebralightSC52 Thrunite TiS on the keyring
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    Convoy C8+ Desert Sand Review

    Better than the Astrolux?
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    L16 Vs P30 ....Thoughts on either

    Thanks for the quick replies. I already have an MH20GT that I have had for about two years and leave in my work bag. Awesome little light. I want something with just a little more through with the same spill for shinning fields around and for walks around my property. For some reason I have been...
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    L16 Vs P30 ....Thoughts on either

    Been looking to replace my truck light (2014 LD41vn) and have been eyeing these two lights for several weeks. Any owners of either of these lights? I have seen several reviews but nothing from actual owners really. The acebeam is about $30 more than the nitecore. Thoughts and opinions are...