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    Why do the contacts on batteries need cleaning every so often?

    It sounds like you have been experience some isuues with the contacts on your 18650 batteries in your nitecore tinymonster rechargeable led torch, the facet thta you have to clean the contacts in a period of time is likely due to a buid-up of dirt, corrosion or oxidation on the contacts. It is...
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    Why do some batteries charge more slowly than expected?

    if anyone has the same question about this, hope the answer will help you. I got the answer from my batteries store customer service team, they are very professional and patient. several factors can affect the charging time: 1: the capacitiy of the battery, larger batteries will take longer...
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    Why do some batteries charge more slowly than expected?

    like AA batteries take about 13 hours to charge, but the real charge time takes 1 day, sometime.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    used to find something in my basement.😁
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    Best 18650 charger?

    Hi, I am new to this forum and just saw this message from you while browsing the site. For recommending batteries and battery chargers, I think I am very vocal because I have used at least 20 brands of batteries and chargers. I bought and used EBL battery and chargers now...
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    Best CR123 in 2022?

    After some other disappointing CR123As, the EBL Official batteries seem to be a good value. Using a multimeter, all 16 of them measured an open circuit voltage of 3.3Vdc.