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    Flashlight for red filter Jetbeam MFR21

    I have a filter red filter (MFR21) originaly for a Jetbeam DDR26. Sadly this light died. I would like to keep on using the filter. Is there any alternative where I can use this 38mm filter? Thanks for the help
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    REVIEW: Nitenumen NE01 (XM-L2 , 1x18650)

    Are there any new alternatives for this MH20 clone?
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    Jetbeam DDR26 number 9 in display no light

    Maybe anybody knows how to get to the circuit, driver and or led? How to disassamble the torch head?
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    Jetbeam DDR26 number 9 in display no light

    Hi There, After charging my Jetbeam DDR26 the display gives a "9" but wont light anymore. Battery is working in an other lamp. Jetbeam does not give any respond to my questions. Sadly I do not know anymor where I bought the lamp. Does anybody know what can be the issue? And if so how to...