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  1. Dole

    Fenix TK35

    Does anyone have any lux reading for the TK35 or real OTF lumens ?
  2. Dole

    Best Output under 100$

    If you'd be willing to spend $20-30 more you could get yourself into a whole new range of choices for nice lights with >500 lumens. Otherwise, maybe consider this.
  3. Dole

    Surefire 6P LED vs Fenix TK11

    I too have handled both of these lights. I would recommend the Fenix TK11. The multi mode is very practical and easy to use. I also don't like the twist on function of the surefire.
  4. Dole

    Can Cree XP-G's change tint over time?

    That's really interesting... and lucky for you if you prefer the blue-white over yellow-green. Wonder if lumen outputs change also? Or if it is negligible.
  5. Dole

    Can Cree XP-G's change tint over time?

    I was more referring to the Muyshondt lights, sorry for being foggy... But you're right, the RA lights are more affordable than I thought. I like them.
  6. Dole

    Can Cree XP-G's change tint over time?

    ... and boo to Dereelight for the green changing tint... :scowl:
  7. Dole

    Can Cree XP-G's change tint over time?

    Yes, but the people who are willing to spend $300 on a flashlight that does 120 lumens are not the type of people that want to buy ONE reliable flashlight and stick with it forever with no worries. I think the market for these lights are for flashaholics strictly. I'm not knocking them...
  8. Dole

    Can Cree XP-G's change tint over time?

    Well that stinks. He was using it in a surefire 6P and it was the 3SD version so he was using 18650's. But I'd bet he used it on high for maybe 5-10 minutes tops at a time. Wonder if it was just this one drop-in or do all of the dereelight xp-g's change over time with normal use??? :shrug:
  9. Dole

    Can Cree XP-G's change tint over time?

    About a month ago my buddy bought a Dereelight XP-G p60 drop-in and it had nasty green tint so he sent it back and it was replaced with a new one with nice white tint. I was just checking it out now (about a month later) and its nasty green all of a sudden. Can LED's change their tint over...
  10. Dole

    Dereelight CL1H V4 questions.

    One time I removed the pocket clip ad tried to put on the regular cigar grip ring but the screws didn't all go in together. I could only get 2 at a time and the last one would be off center. Luckily I got the pocket clip one back on with no problems so i stuck with it.
  11. Dole

    Quark C123x2,Batteries, and a Quark MiNi C123

    I agree, the difference isn't that noticeable and I don't want to risk any accidents :poof::sigh:.
  12. Dole

    Light Humour - You Know You Are A Flashaholic When ...

    Just earned "flashaholic" title. So I just noticed my title changed from enlightened to flashaholic. Does that mean its official now? :party:
  13. Dole

    Quark C123x2,Batteries, and a Quark MiNi C123 has a ton of lanyards, paracord, and supplies here. I haven't purchased one but its a good place to start. There are many other sites that sell similar products. And here's the suspension clip I mentioned. Maybe attach it to your mini with one of the McGizmo clips at...
  14. Dole

    Which high-output led flashlight do have or are planning to get?

    One of the 4sevens maelstroms will be my next purchase
  15. Dole

    Quark C123x2,Batteries, and a Quark MiNi C123

    You my friend are very smart if these are your first real flashlights. My mini 123 is quickly becoming my favorite and it too was an impulse buy! And yes, it is an addiction. Just keep your eyes on the horizon for the next newest greatest light. Researching is half the fun for me. Now you...
  16. Dole

    T20C2 MKII 18650, two sources much different output/runtime numbers?

    Maybe he's taking into account several other factors like output/size ratio or output/price ratio.
  17. Dole

    Just purchased flashlight #4

    My 4th nice light was a Quark mini 123 also. Although I had read a lot about it, it was a complete impulse buy while I was waiting on the delayed T20C2 MkII. But I love it! I really think it is my favorite light also because of its looks, size, output, and carryability. Its an awesome...
  18. Dole

    Any reason the T20C2 MKII wouldn't make a great EDC?

    You should buy from a reputable dealer like or PTS. They 100% back the lifetime guarantee. As for EDC. I think it would be a great light to throw into a bag. It has a low low setting for extended runtimes and a blinding 320 lumen OTF high setting. It's extremely...
  19. Dole

    Duty light for Law Enforcement Park Ranger??

    Just had the chance to compare my Eagletac T20C2 Mark II to my friend's Fenix TK11. They seem to have the same amount of throw but the Eagletac lights up a much larger area. And now that the Eagetac is fully regulated on 18650's ... I would have to recommend it :thumbsup:
  20. Dole

    EagleTac T20C2 *Cree XP-G R5

    Just had the chance to compare the my T20C2 mkII to a fenix TK11 and a Dereelight XP-G drop-in. It beat both the dereelight and fenix in total output. And it can almost light up a whole feild like an MC-E light. As for throw, it appeared to be about the same as the TK11, however it was hard...