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  1. NCF8710

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    My latest acquisition was a Nitecore EC23. I have an EC20 which I like a lot. This one is very similar, but has nearly twice the output. I am powering this with an EFEST IMR 18650 @ 3100 mAh and it is impressively bright. I like the built in voltmeter and the fast access to moonlight, turbo...
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    Ultratac K18 (XP-G2 S2, 1xAAA/10440, side switch) flashlight review: RUNTIMES+

    I also have the black anodized aluminum K18. I've had it for 7 weeks and use it with an IMR 10440 cell. No electronic lockout, but does lock out with a 1/4 turn of the head. It is my current key chain EDC light. I need to keep track of the charge level as the cell is unprotected.
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    Do you always carry a flashlight or only at night?

    I always carry a flashlight (along with a few other things). My current EDC light is a Nitecore EC11. My backup EDC light is a Jetbeam RRT01 with an IMR 18350 cell. My keychain light is an iTP A3 EOS Upgraded.
  4. NCF8710

    What is your keychain light???

    iTP A3 EOS Upgraded with Ultimate Lithium cell. I like a light that starts in the low level mode which I use 99% of the time.
  5. NCF8710

    Flat top 18650 adapters

    [Yep, the P12 has a plastic disc around the positive contact that some say it can be removed but I would rather not alter the P12.] I agree. Disabling a safety feature on any of my equipment is not an option for me.
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    Flat top 18650 adapters

    The Nitecore P12 appears to have the same reverse polarity protecting ring as the EC20. I use unprotected flat top Panasonic 3400 mAh 18650s in my EC20. The flat contact on these cells is surrounded by a white plastic washer. The protecting ring in the light does not deflect this washer...
  7. NCF8710

    Perfect EDC light

    I've been carrying a Jetbeam RRT-01 for the last 3 years. It is relatively slim and accepts an 18350 IMR cell. It has decent runtime if you keep the output in the 100 lumen range. It is continuously variable from a dim 'firefly' glow to a blinding >600 lumen output. I use AW 18350 IMR cells...
  8. NCF8710

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    A Nitecore EC20. This is my first Nitecore light and I am impressed with its performance and construction. I love the voltage test function and it comes in handy since I do not use protected cells in this light. It is surprisingly bright at max output. I don't care for the function switch...
  9. NCF8710

    single aaa mode sequences, L-M-H, M-H-L, M-L-H practical applications

    I prefer the L-M-H sequence for this type of light. I have an iTP A3 EOS on my car key ring and the low setting is just right for finding my way in a darkened garage or illuminating the keyhole in the dark. I seldom use the brighter settings.
  10. NCF8710

    Dead EC20 :(

    I use flat top cells in my EC20 all the time. Sometimes the white washer surrounding the positive contact (I'm using Panasonic cells) is not deflected by the polarity protecting ridge in the head. I get these to work by running my fingernail around the center contact deflecting the white...
  11. NCF8710

    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Nitecore EC20 with two NCR18650B 3400mAH cells. Super bright and has built in voltmeter. I'm satisfied.....for now.
  12. NCF8710

    What LED light of yours has seen the most run time?

    My JetBeam RRT-01. Its my EDC light and it gets daily use. I don't leave home without it.
  13. NCF8710

    Any problem with mixing old and new batteries?

    Re: Battery Question It would not make any difference at all where the depleted cell was located in the stack. As this is a series circuit, the same current flows through each and every cell. The depleted cell will be reverse charged through the load with the voltage at the base being higher...
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    What is the Most Efficient, Powerful, Safe Acid to Neutralize Alkali Compounds...?

    You are correct. Sodium bicarbonate cannot neutralize sodium or potassium carbonate, but will react with free KOH to form sodium and potassium carbonate. This also happens to be much of the white crust you see when an alkaline cell leaks in an aluminum flashlight. The rest is mostly various...
  15. NCF8710

    why there are two resistor on the flashlight drive?

    I am not familiar with this IC and not able to locate any data on it. As others have speculated, it is probably a PWM chip. I would guess that the 470 ohm resistor is used to program the PWM function. Its value is so high that it cannot be used to directly control the LED current. In fact...
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    Jetbeam RRT-01

    +1 :thumbsup:
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    Small, Very Bright Flashlight

    Yes, I have one of these. It is a very compact single 18650 light. It is a side clicky with a unique user interface. It is very bright and has good runtimes.
  18. NCF8710

    Small, Very Bright Flashlight

    The JetBeam RRT01 running an IMR 18350 will provide an impressive amount of light. Some CPF members have measured its output at better than 600 lumens in this configuration. It is 80mm long and 24mm diameter at the bezel. It is equipped with a stepless adjustment ring that goes from a dim...
  19. NCF8710

    why there are two resistor on the flashlight drive?

    The device marked 471 is a 470 ohm resistor. The tan device at the top of the image is a capacitor.
  20. NCF8710

    What is the Most Efficient, Powerful, Safe Acid to Neutralize Alkali Compounds...?

    I use dilute (2%) phosphoric acid to remove the alkaline residues followed with a thorough rinse with deionized or distilled water. Phosphoric acid is odorless and nontoxic in dilute solutions (CocaCola contains dilute phosphoric acid) and is effective. I've said it before and I'll say it...