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    Diffuser Vynl Giveaway

    I will take one please!
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    TISvn & MaratacVN - Brightest & Most Advanced Keychain Light

    Re: Brightest & Best Throw Keychain Light Tank 007?
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    The Always Engraved List

    Medium please.
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    DriverVN & DriverVNX - Programmable Circuits

    Re: DriverVN - A User Programmable Circuit! What a great idea! There are many lights I would love to own but I just don't care for the UI.
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    Advice needed - Zebralights SC600w + Panasonic NCR18650B

    I have that Panasonic in my SC600w right now, no problems.
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    2014 Clearance (All ready to ship)

    I'll take #44!
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    Battery Storage Solution

    Re: How Do You Store Your Extra Batteries? When I'm camping I use one of the smaller Otterboxes. Crush proof, waterproof, floatable, high visibility color if you want.
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    LED Upgrade for My Maglights

    Two words: Malkoff Devices
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    10440 who sells good cells?

    I had a good experience buying from Mountain Electronics. My Eiger was very happy!
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    1st time recharger, need check on learning / sanity check

    Nice choices! I have all three as well and they are first class. Those settings will work fine.
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    What chargers are everyone using nowadays?

    +1 Xtar VP2, I love mine. That said I've been looking hard at the Opus Bt-C3100.
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    TX25C2 DOA, any suggestions

    One thing that got me when I first got this light was that the ring that is just forward of the tail cap was not screwed all the way towards the head of the light. Once tightened it worked like a charm. One of my favorite lights. 😄 Sent from my iPhone using Candlepowerforums
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    WTS: D25Cvn Ti - The Micro Searchlight

    Re: WTS: The Micro Searchlight (Must Have) Looks about the right size for a 14500.
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    Looking for a new charger recommendation

    Xtar vp2 is nice. LCD displays charging amps and cell voltage. Charging current is selectable from .25A to 1A so anything from 26650 to 10440 is handled well. LiFePO4 is also supported if you're into that. Can be found for $50.
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    A light that is tough and armored up. Also outputs a decent amount of light

    Armytek Predator Pro ~$100. Tough as hell, good throw and you can program the interface to have as many different modes as you want.
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    3 D Cell Mag-Lite

    Try a Malkoff Devices dropin. Top quality, easy to install and really bright. It also retains the ability of the Maglite to focus.
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    Experiences with LED light impact resistance?

    Try the Rayovac Indestructable 2AA for your son. Not the brightest out there but it can be dropped from the top of a three story building onto concrete without a scratch. $14 at Home Depot or online. If you need fancier try Elzetta, but be prepared to spend a couple hundred bucks for the quality.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Peak Eiger Ultra X (Brass)
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    What event made you a flashaholic?

    About a year ago I needed a light after being transferred to a new job at work. A coworker had a cheap LED light he bought on eBay. It wasn't much but it beat the hell out of the mini maglight that I had. After a little research I realized what was out there and that I could do better. I ended...