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    Kroll switch question (Judco J1052 vs. Streamlight 715007)

    I don't have a Streamlight clickie switch or a new Streamlight Jr on hand, but Mini-Mags and older SL Jrs had compatible tailcaps. If nothing's changed it should work. Streamlight has a history of using Judco switches so I wouldn't be surprised if the guts were the same. NiteIze also sold a...
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    It's a Streamlight (you can see the boxy SL-20X and newer switch housing in some of the frames,) I believe the current SL-20L. The head knurling is broad and shiny compared to other SL models and isn't easily visible depending on the lighting.
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    Pre-krypton minimag bulbs

    I'm not really big into Mags but I have a bunch of old bulb packages here somewhere. I'll dig them out when I have a chance.
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    looking for opinions about MF Tactical or Monster Flashlights

    The company's "North American Headquarters" and registered contact is a lawyer in a small office in NJ. Here's a thread from a few years ago: The only thing I've ever noticed about this brand is that any time it's...
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    What's Your Collection's Net Worth?

    I'm single. I'll park at a weigh station next time I'm on a date. You don't need to post with a chip on your shoulder. What's the point of insulting people when they decline to respond to questions that are often considered awkward or inappropriate? I've never had a relative stranger in real...
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    What's Your Collection's Net Worth?

    How much does your wife weigh?
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    The D-cell is a straw-colored gold in person. It also seems to be part of the serial range from around 1992 when a large batch of gold D-cell Mags were made. The C-cell is late '90s and has a deeper color, more coppery but it doesn't look like the copper Mags I've seen photos of.
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    Yeah, I'm not sure how often they actually made runs of them. Anyone know if there were there different golds or is one of these a copper tone? It's not quite as orange as the photo makes it seem. C-cell is a couple years newer than the D-cell.
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    Streamlight Ultra Stinger bulb swap.

    Keep in mind the Ultra Stinger/Stinger HP aren't bulb compatible with most of the other Stingers in the kits posted here. This is the one for the Ultra: Regarding upgrade/replace there are pros and cons for each. The incan Ultra...
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    Where are all the 1AA flashlights these days?

    I don't even know where my old 1AA light is. Lost a CMD Ultra G over a decade ago.
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    HDS Systems

    Novatac licensed their design. HDS is one of the old companies who started making boutique pocket lights in the early days of high power LEDs. They're extremely well made, nearly 100% US, and they have a lot of custom configurations and emitter choices. Also the Rotary is the only(?) selector...
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    Flashlights in TV shows and movies (Part 4)

    There are a lot of Streamlight SL-20Xs in the '80s Total Recall. They put chunky rings around the bezels to make them look futuristic.
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    Smallest And Largest SF I Own.

    Definitely fewer melted lenses and burned out bulbs.
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    Smallest And Largest SF I Own.

    Do you guys actively use your incans? I haven't carried one in years.
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    Smallest And Largest SF I Own.

    I had an E1E at the same time as a Hellfighter once. More girth than length.
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    orange coating on silver dollar

    Could it be Play-Doh?
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    orange coating on silver dollar

    That's a fairly modern bullion round, not an actual dollar. Probably not any value over melt. If I had to guess someone may have glued a bunch of them as part of some artistic display that they later were dug out of.
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    Did Mag product gold-anodized C/D cell lights at specific points in time or randomly as they felt like it? I used to think it was a pretty limited thing but the more photos I see online I realize they're from almost every date range.
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    Pop quiz: What part of this Jetbeam flashlight is NOT a direct knock off of a old Surefire design?

    20 years later and half the "tactical" flashlights out there still copy Surefire's PK-era industrial design.
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    Cold Steel Brute 7aa flashlight

    I feel LA Screw lights had a better concept than the execution. They're fascinating but a little half baked.