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  1. Tec40

    Eagtec D25C Mark 2….really liking this light.

    Finally got a few of the Eagtec D25C's in the mail yesterday! Definitely an upgrade from my old Nitecore EX10 that I still use, and has still never malfunctioned on me yet. Of course, the Eagtec is light years better in technology, and I'm really enjoying it, but the Nitecore EX10, with even...
  2. Tec40

    The Lumintop Tool 2.0 with 14500’s…WOW!

    I just got the Lumintop Tool 2.0. It worked ok with Energizer Lithium 1.5 batteries, but my 14500 batteries arrived today and….WOW….what a BIG difference in overall brightness! My only problem is…the actual LED emitter isn’t very good. A purplish spill with more of a greenish spot. What are...
  3. Tec40

    I’ve Been revisiting some old favorite lights lately.

    After buying some new lights lately, I’ve found some of my old favorites while going through some of my old maintenance tool bags. I’m a former apt. maintenance supervisor who depended on my flashlights to aide in my job for over 23 years. The one that wound up being my favorite and my EDC...
  4. Tec40

    Recommendation for a car torch

    I second the Streamlight knucklehead! I use it almost everyday at my apt. maintenance job,and has slowly become my go to light for most of what I work on! They sell a spot and a flood version. I have the flood version that runs off of 4- AA's, and has the clip and magnet, instead of the hanger...
  5. Tec40

    Streamlight Knucklehead and lithium batteries.

    Thanks Illum. I knew that the lithium AA'2 were 1.7V,but I have used the 1.7V in other LED lights (like the Romisen G2,the old 40 lumen Streamlight Propoly 4AA,an Energizer Hard Case Angle Light) and had no problems at all. Maybe I just got lucky that these other lights are'nt damaged??
  6. Tec40

    Streamlight Knucklehead and lithium batteries.

    I'll give a little more info. When I bought the light from brightguy,it said in their description that the light is compatible with lithium batteries,so I'm wondering is it,or is'nt it?
  7. Tec40

    Streamlight Knucklehead and lithium batteries.

    I was wondering if anybody knows why the Streamlight Knucklehead worklight can't be used with lithium batteries? It does'nt say anywhere in the instructions that it voids the warranty,but on the bottom of the battery carrier,it says that the use of lithium batteries voids the warranty.
  8. Tec40

    Why not more neutral tint work lights?

    Thanks Hotwire. I know about The Knucklehead,and not long ago bought the Survivor LED 4-AA model. Awesome light. Would like to get the Knucklehead too,but wish someone would come out with a worklight, that had neutral tint LED's. When working on electrical wires at my job,it is better to be able...
  9. Tec40

    Why not more neutral tint work lights?

    I've been in apt. maintenance for 19 yrs. now,and I keep wondering when light manufactuers are going to start using neutral LED's in the work lights they produce. Tired of the old CFL work lights! Do any of you have any info about this? Is there one out there that I'm missing???
  10. Tec40

    Budget Dive light?

    Look at the any of the offerings by Princeton Tec. They have fantastic dive lights at great prices. What is your budget?
  11. Tec40

    EX10 Heat issue?

    Oh WOW!! That's not good!! My EX10 will get pretty dang hot after being on for about 10 minutes. The Romisen gets warm,but I'm still able to handle it,after the same amount of time. That sucks! I like the Romisen better for that reason. So I guess my EX10 will last much longer because it gets...
  12. Tec40

    EX10 Heat issue?

    I was wondering why my Romisen A4 II NW,does'nt get as hot in high mode as my Nitecore EX10? Does anybody know why?
  13. Tec40

    Looking for a solid 1xAA that will last, also looking for a big thrower for camping.

    I know this is a old post by now,but I highly recommend the Romisen RC-G2 II WW.I got mine from All I can say is it is an AWESOME light!! It throws very well,and you can take the head off,and it is the perfect flood light. The warm white led is fantastic! It's a better beam than...
  14. Tec40

    What is the Best Single AA Light for gifts?

    Just got a Romisen RC-G2 II NW a few weeks back,and a Romisen RC-A4 II NW. At first the A4 was my fav.(due to size,and 2 modes-but, the modes were'nt that different,and the light flickers when you first turn it on),but as a few weeks have passed,the RC-G2 II NW has become my favorite light. Not...
  15. Tec40

    My new Romisen RC-A4 II NW. Awesome!!!

    Just got the Romisen RC-A4 II NW in the mail today. I think I have finally found a light I like better than my Surefire E2e w/MN02 bulb. I LOVE the size,and the neutral white led is GREAT!!! I wish the low mode was just a little bit lower,but other than that,It is simply AWESOME!!!! Thanks again...
  16. Tec40

    Romisen RC-F4 vs RC-G4 Vs RC-N3 ?

    I just got both the RC-G2 and the RC-N3 both with the neutral white led,and I LOVE both lights ALOT!!! I love the color of the led,and they are both very bright. They are now the lights I use the most,both on,and off,the job!!! Shiningbeam's customer service is second to none!!!
  17. Tec40

    Worlds best single CR123 flashlight?

    The best for me now, is the Nitecore EX10. It has now become my favorite 1-CR123 flashlight. I just hope that Nitecore will come out with a Q3-5A LED EX10. I just love that warm tint.
  18. Tec40

    Flashlights i would like to see in production..

    I would LOVE to see Nitecore come out with the EX10 and D10 lights with the netural tint Q3-5A LED.
  19. Tec40

    I got my Nitecore EX10 today! WOW!!!

    I was hoping this light was not just all hype. It is'nt! I now have a light that replaces my Fenix P1-CE's. All buyers beware. The piston,inside the body of the light,and the threads of the head need to be cleaned,and re-lubed. If you do that before you use the light,you will fall in love with...
  20. Tec40

    Surefire E2E tail cap durability

    I think you will like the MN02 bulb. I use that bulb only, in my E2E's. Very bright for 25 lumens,and has 2 hour runtime.