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    Seeking Flashlight to pair with Carbon Fiber Bugout

    I gave a benchmade bugout 535-3 as a gift. Another gift giving occasion has come up and I'm considering an edc flashlight that would look good with it. Any suggestions? Budget under $200 Dressy vs tactical EDC front pocket carry Fast shipping
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    Need a new light

    I don't mind getting the batteries and a charger. I do like to keep options open so that I can pick up extra batteries at a store in a pinch. Instant access or a memory is a feature I'm looking for. Being able to stand on end would be another nice to have feature. I'll add the Zebralight, Quark...
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    Need a new light

    Lots of good reviews on the Fenix, more powerful than the Eagletac and I like that it has a red filter option. I'll consider it. Thanks :)
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    Need a new light

    I need to replace my foursevens Q mini AA. I liked the size, the common battery, the multiple modes, and how far I could see with it. My current need is for a small light 6" or less for EDC. I (female) work at night and may not carry weapons there. I have had several close calls in the...
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    Favorite Benchmade??

    Multiple to choose from but my favorites today are these two. Emissary 470-131 Valet 485 [/IMG][/IMG]
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    Knife Newbie Questions...

    +1 on the Spyderco Delica/Endura. They are well made, super sharp out of the box, not as difficult to sharpen as some other steels, holds a good edge, this list goes on and on. If you are close to the Smokey Mountains in Seiverville TN there is an awesome HUGE Knifeworks shop. You can try out...
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    What knife/knives do you EDC?

    Nice! Love the sprint runs. For edc gotta keep it toned down so most often its a spyderco bug (too cute!), a benchmade mini grip, and a leatherman wave. Looking forward to the release of the spyderco stretch in super blue.
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    Very Picky - looking for a compact EDC light

    add another to the 4sevens. The Q minis are my favorite edc.
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    Olight H15S Headlamp (XM-L2, 1xLi-ion, 4xAAA) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS + more!

    Thank you for the in depth review! The duel battery option is a great feature. It was my mission to find a new head lamp today. Alas the lack of the red mode was a deal killer. I have the new Black Diamond Spot on the way to try out on my next night hike. How did the red mode on the older...