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  1. Bazar

    Need advice on a good soda can light!!

    Emisar I believe comes close to that, or Noctigon rather.
  2. Bazar

    Need a New EDC

    No I holster an X80GT, and I edc that too. But the L30 is head-down in my right side 8th pocket, for tactical/cargo pants and carpenter jeans. It isnt some 7 inch light, and is well worth the size for the overwhelming power advantage ( longer 1k lumen runtime than the Fireflies E07)
  3. Bazar

    Need a powerful house light! Been out the game for a while!

    For an unlimited budget: The 2018 Fenix tk75. 5k lumens and 800 meters throw for under 300 dollars The Imalent RC90 with over 1500 meters throw and simultaneous 20,000 lumens. But expensive and very large (much wider and heavier than a 4 " cell light) The Acebeam K65 with over 6k lumens and...
  4. Bazar

    Need a New EDC

    I carry the Acebeam L30 gen ii as a good 4k lumen, 2.5 hour or longer 1k lumen runtime (regulated flat) and a strong, good-glass-clearance steel strike bezel. it has better quality than previous Acebeam lights. micro USB charging. note it isnt throwy but has a very good strong spill and...
  5. Bazar

    Recommend me a flashlight for mounting on bike helmet for night mountain biking

    ] I love the light output, but don't want the battery bank and cable that comes with it. I am a cyclist. I can't imagine the need for this amount of lighting. You would have to be a 24 hour pro or live close to and above the arctic circle. 7 h with 400 lumens? Nah. Just adjust your eyes.
  6. Bazar

    Looking for a blood spotting light.

    Well blue light disagrees with you 90%. Lights up blood extremely well albeit it lights up red as well. Also blue light lights up dried blood too as that's still red and I used blue light to clean blood daily as maintenance before, and black reflects as white with blue light whilst dried blood...
  7. Bazar

    Flashlight for 18 & 20 year old female

    the OP asked about vendors so I will answer them. Battery Junction is here in the US where I live, so their availability means that it is a fast shipping for the free shipping and gets here within 1 week. but when available I use the actual brand, like Fenix because buying direct is respectful...
  8. Bazar

    Headtorch and Bike light for Forest runs

    As a cheap supplementary option, the Fenix tk09 is what I use for a thrower on my bicycles. For sledding it should reach past the dogs and give a good idea of things in its 400 lumen medium mode. It has the advantage of running on cr123a, on colder nights this will give you reliability and...
  9. Bazar

    Flashlight for the blind

    First off, emphasis on ease of use with it turned off, a great easy user interface, should be noted. You need a light that is good for turning on and even changing the batteries with minimum sight. The Nitecore Tm03 comes to mind as it has two different instant access buttons. It is also...
  10. Bazar

    Every Day Specific Carry

    based on your close/far needs I'd recommend a fucusable light. I don't have personal recommendations at this time, but a 2-14500/2AA light with either focusing tir optics or aspheric lense should work best. a other option is one small 18350 light like the Emisar D4 (35$) for the crawl spaces...
  11. Bazar

    Pocket Rocket 26650?

    Why 26650? Not gonna have best lumens there, can't bring that LED to full potential.
  12. Bazar

    3200+lumen 18650 powered torch - pocketable

    If you are going that big, and floody is okay, get the Acebeam X80 series, the gt maybe, because they can run @1k-4k lumens for a decent amount of time. Like over an hour @4k. Watts to lumen efficiency is very high, highest in the world right now, about 5 watts for 1 k lumens and 23 watts for...
  13. Bazar

    1x 18650 no mode tiny flashlight

    Most single 18650 lights will have multiple modes. The Emisar D4 has a ramp feature so would not work for you, but if it did, it would be great. Maybe go smaller to a single AA light, the coast hp1 or similar come to mind, one mode. I used mine for a long time until I dropped it crossing the...
  14. Bazar

    Headtorch and Cycle Light Recommendations Please

    I use bc30 from Fenix. Runs well and 18650.
  15. Bazar

    Budget Thrower for Grandson?

    On point
  16. Bazar

    Budget Thrower for Grandson?

    I would"throw" this out there, specs for throw will be a little weighty, I'd focus on safety automatic shutoff and stay away from maximum spec. Also get simple user interface and something smaller so he can easily handle it. This is assuming by grandson you mean someone under 15.
  17. Bazar

    Hand held throw flashlight/torch for Search & Rescue organisation

    Also means, to use lanyards, and be sure to replace lights that have been dropped on hard surfaces and retire the dropped light to backup cabinet,even, if they say they still work, albeit if the drop test rating is over 9 feet, you might simply ask those to mark dropped flashlights once per drop...
  18. Bazar

    2017's Best Single 18650 Thrower

    It is a great option, acebeam uses a different technique to build their reflectors, and thus have the best throwing LED reflectors that exists what's great about the L16 is it is quite high in lumens too but it loses that max throw quickly, for the same reason, high power consumption leading to...