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  1. john2551

    Maglite barrel diameter 3D vs 2D,4D,5D,6D

    I'm not measuring anything. I'm referring to the bottom of this page:
  2. john2551

    Maglite barrel diameter 3D vs 2D,4D,5D,6D

    Has anyone ever noticed that the 3D has a slimmer barrel diameter than the other D sizes? I wonder why? 3D = 1 1/4" (31.75mm) 2D,4D,5D,6D = 1 9/16" (39.67)
  3. john2551

    Upgrading LED's on Elektrolumens Tri-Star 4D... Now with Pics

    Buck, I also have a EL Tri-Star 4D. We are in a small group. Wayne said he made less than 100 of these. These were state of the art back in 2004 when i got mine. Anyways a cheap way to make your light brighter is to use NiMh D's. I used Alkalines when i first got the light. When i switched to...
  4. john2551

    Malkoff P7 C&D Mag Drop-ins!

    My favorite Mag dealer because you can see how many they have in stock of each size:
  5. john2551

    BessieBenny's Budget LED (DX/KD etc) Flashlights Review Roundup (Part VIII)

    UltraFire TH-1300L 7*SSC U2 3-Mode 1300-Lumen LED Flashlight (3*18650) Has anyone gotten one yet? I like the short stubby look vs the long 3 in row 18650 look. The price of $126 is good as long as it performs well. [hot-linked image removed - please read the Rules]
  6. john2551

    2009 Streamlight Twin-Task 2D

    I did a little more research & found out that SL used to claim: • 43 lumens, 10 LEDs • 21 lumens, 5 LEDs now they claim: • 79 lumens, 10 LEDs • 48 lumens, 5 LEDs
  7. john2551

    2009 Streamlight Twin-Task 2D

    I'm curious if Streamlight has "updated" the LEDs with whiter, brighter, more modern ones in the last 5 years? Has anyone bought one lately? They do have a nice video of it on their website & the LEDs look very white now & don't look blue-ish like they did in the original
  8. john2551

    Streamlight Twin-Task 2D review

  9. john2551

    Streamlight Survivor LED

    aubie, The Survivor LED says: USE OF LITHIUM AA CELLS WILL DAMAGE THE LIGHT AND VOID THE WARRANTY. I can understand why they mean not to use 3.6v lithium AA's but why can't we use 1.5v Energizer lithium AA's? I don't use alkaline batteries any longer because i've ruined several lights &...
  10. john2551

    UltraFire TH-1300 20W 1200-Lumen HID Flashlight $96 USD

    Yeah, that's what got my attention, the very small size. I like the form factor. I knew it was too good to be true!
  11. john2551

    UltraFire TH-1300 20W 1200-Lumen HID Flashlight $96 USD

    Anyone have any experience with this light good or bad? [link removed] A 20w HID for $96 is a great price provided it performs well. We all remember the GP771 disaster!!!
  12. john2551

    Best battery setup for Malkoff P7 in Maglite C-cell

    3 of these in a 4C Mag: or 3 of the AW IMR26500 fit perfectly in a 3C mag:
  13. john2551

    Does the 26650 size fit a C cell mag diameter wise?

    Flash, I've decided to get the IMR26500 C cells from AW: The length is 50mm & width 26mm, which is the normal C size. These LiFePO4 are 65mm long which are an odd length for me.
  14. john2551

    LiFeP04 18650, 26650, 32600[D size!], 32900[F size!], 42120, high drain...

    It states: The cell come with removable paper insulator. Please don't remove it while DIY
  15. john2551

    Does the 26650 size fit a C cell mag diameter wise?

    Here is the cell: 25500 is the exact size of a C cell but are not LiFePO4 safe chemistry: I'm not worried about the extra length only the diameter. Would 26mm be too wide? It...
  16. john2551

    LiFeP04 18650, 26650, 32600[D size!], 32900[F size!], 42120, high drain...

    It is not a silly question. I was wondering the same thing. Do you need to leave the paper insulator on when in use so it doesn't short out the battery? Is the diameter listed including the paper or not?
  17. john2551


    I use this Li-Po battery in my Torfino ICE light: As far as being safe & stable; i should hope so since millions of people around the world are using a Li-Po battery this very second while talking on their cell phones.
  18. john2551

    Charger for 18650 LiFEPo4?

    Re: anything new? This has a switch from 4.2v to 3.6v:
  19. john2551

    Accupower Evolution D LSD vs. Nexcell EnergyON D LSD...

    If you check both data sheets you will find the AccuPower has a slight edge over the NexCell in regards to capacity, minimum capacity & discharge rate. I'd buy the AccuPower.
  20. john2551

    Titanium AA/AAA/C/D/9V Universal Ultra Fast Smart Charger MD-3000

    Thanks PeAK, Someone in another thread pointed me to a post from Matt K. of BatteryJunction where he stated the rate was 1600mA +/-200mA. So you are right on target.