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  1. amtaham

    Salaam and holaaa! :D

    Salaam and holaaa! :D
  2. amtaham

    AA Compact light with tail switch and dual output. This must be doable right guys?

    Olight i5T EOS or Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 (or the newest Lumintop EDC AA) are may be the best one for you. They are also available in different colors.
  3. amtaham

    FW1A & FW1T from Lumintop

    Re: FW1A from Lumintop Finally received my copy last month. This one is with XP-L Hi 5000K neutral white. I guess this is a new batch with different reflector and Lumintop also had confirmed it. Overall, I am happy about it, although it was not the same copy with the reviews I saw. I...
  4. amtaham

    Photos of your lights

    They said, "Never too late to start the addiction." :twothumbs
  5. amtaham

    Movies you watch again and again?

    - Lord of The Rings trilogy - The Hobbit trilogy - Harry Potter series - IP man series - The Terminator, Terminator: The Judgment Day, Terminator: Rise of the Machines - The Godfather series - Nightmare on Elm St. series - Jurassic Park series - Jurassic World series - Face/Off - Gone in 60...