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  1. RCS1300

    Windows 11 thoughts

    Lipstick. Yes, two extra coats. I went from win 98 to 7 Pro to 11 Pro. Only reason I migrated to 11 Pro is that Microsoft stopped supporting 7 Pro. I also had to purchase a new desktop computer to accommodate the software. All the new computer added was a newer video card. The new Office...
  2. RCS1300

    HDS Systems #23

    "Yeah, I have a guy in Tucson, AZ that makes custom flashlights for me...he is a cave explorer".
  3. RCS1300

    HDS Systems #23

    NLT is perfect for my dog walking as the beam travels nicely and that LED is soft on the eyes early in the am. When I am working with electrical colored wires in a car or electric box I need high CRI to distinguish between brown, red, green, and black.
  4. RCS1300

    HDS Systems #23

    @the.Mtn.Man - I would go look for it. I lost two items on two separate 40 mile long bike rides within the past year - my speedometer and the battery cage for my Fenix handlebar light. I went back for both and found both. I figured more exercise is only good for me. The speedometer I found...
  5. RCS1300

    HDS Systems #23

    If I recall correctly, it goes to how the lights are manufactured. The LEDs have to be installed, there is a minimum cost per LED run, and with these emitters the runs are short. On the other hand, I believe there are two emitters HDS uses that have longer production runs so the cost per unit...
  6. RCS1300

    HDS Systems #23

    I am torn between two of the best, for me, HDS high CRI lights. I have two of each led. One rotary each and one Executive each and one of those executives is titanium. The Nichia 219c 5700 200 lumen "high noon" The Samsung 5400 300 lumen "high noon". I like the slightly superior color...
  7. RCS1300

    HDS Systems #23

    As a long time owner of several HDS $300 lights I am not overly price sensitive and look forward to the next Titanium Rotary run in a few years especially if it is combined with a wide variety of High CRI led options. I know it will be an expensive very high quality light that one cannot...
  8. RCS1300

    Sold/Expired Damasko DS-30 39mm yellow bead blasted submarine steel black dial automatic watch

    Purchased in May 2021 through an authorized dealer, Island Watch, and I have worn this watch for a few weeks. The watch is in like new condition and has a yellow seconds hand and date wheel numbers which look quite unique in the direct sunlight. Also included are two brand new Damasko branded...
  9. RCS1300

    Cell Phone Cases....................

    I have the otterbox defender. It protects the phone, is .5 inches thick, provides excellent grip and does not slip, and has a plastic holster. Difficult to charge without wires but I have done it. The Mous is the other option - not nearly as protective but probably charges without wires much...
  10. RCS1300

    Laptop battery longevity

    Use your battery, enjoy your laptop. Your battery will begin to have less capacity in year 3 and you will likely want to replace it in year 4 or 5 when it will hold a charge for about half the original time. Nothing you can do to get around it. Rechargeable batteries have a limited life.
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    Amber in the Fog

    Well, I was looking forward to reason to purchase the Amber.
  12. RCS1300

    HDS Systems #23

    Anyone recall the wavelength of the HDS IR Red light? From one of the third party sales sites it mentioned 850nm, but that cannot be right.
  13. RCS1300

    HDS company stopped working ?

    HDS is a solid person and Company. When in doubt, I would order more lights now than you originally ordered so that if a delay happens again at least you will have several lights in house. I think I have six HDS lights in house right now and always keeping an eye on his new LED offerings.
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    HDS Systems #23

    You are absolutely right. Products do and should get less expensive over time with learning, efficiencies, and lower cost of inputs. Most products today are disposable. Most come with a one year limited warranty and you throw it away when it breaks - dryers, washing machines, toasters, etc...
  15. RCS1300

    HDS Systems #23

    I purchase Henry's lights because they are assembled by Henry and his team in the United States. Imported flashlights have zero value to me for EDC. I can wait.
  16. RCS1300

    Be On the Lookout for...

    I am actively seeking special run HDS lights and will keep an eye out for yours. Hopefully, they were simply misplaced and will show up.
  17. RCS1300

    WTB HDS Titanium with High Noon LED

    WTB a HDS titanum Rotary with a high noon Nichia 219C 5700K LED.
  18. RCS1300

    Samsung High CRI 5700K LED?

    Katie, my rescue dog in the picture to the left, asked me if, in the next two years, I could get one of these Samsung 5700K HiCRI led's in a titanium Rotary.