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    Lawn mower blade sharpening

    As an earlier poster said, after time and re use of bolts, threads will start to deform. Hi end rod manufacturer's suggest using recommended stretch numbers. Most familiar to me is the CAR S7 bolt. 7/16"...recommended stretch is .005"-.007". TQ is 95ft lbs using light assembly oil...
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    Music to the Marrow (To What Are You Listening?)

    I'm away from my standard hard rock and Country. After he recently died, I've been revisting my Gordon Lightfoot staples, then added Steelers Wheel, then moved into Gerry Rafferty.....
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    Maglite 4 D cell ML300L

    Amazon carries the Tenergy lineup and at a better
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    Overtaking vs passing

    I know that on a 2 lane highway, I cringe when somebody gets out in the oncoming traffic lane to pass and they lolling out there. I really dislike being out there in the breeze, that's why I minimize the time I'm in the oncoming traffic lanes...
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    CAUTION !! Misleading budget battery and lumen claims

    It is an absolute cluster out there!. They just make up numbers, it unbelievable. I have a small business doing power tools battery packs. 80% are Li ion, but I still get some NiCD and NiMH. I have a brand, Tenergy, that I use for those type battery. A guy this week dropped off a couple of old...
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    Recommendations please for flashlights that can use 1.5 volt aaa lithium rechargeables.

    Li ion batteries usually charge to 4.15-4.2V, then with use they then come down to their nominal working voltage of 3.6-3.7V
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    Overtaking vs passing

    On a 2 pane road, one in each direction, when I'm passing a car/truck get within a couple lengths, make sure oncoming is clear, kick it down to 3rd gear, grab a big handful and wham, up to a 100mph in no time, pull my bike back to the right and keep on going...350,000 miles over the years on a...
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    Those tunes that get stuck in your head

    Gerry Rafferty Baker Street & Right Down The Line....Bob Seger Main Street & Roll Away and George Strait. Cowboys Like Us
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    what fuel system cleaner

    I use Seafoam as a stabilizer in things I don't use often, will prevent the build up varnish in the carb. I'll dump some in my street bike a couple of times a year..
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    Need brand of Torx set were the drivers fold into handle and the shafts are the same diameter as the bits.

    Just saw your question. I'll attach 2 pics, one they fold back in the handle, the other I use a cordless drill, their 4" long. BTW, they are both for SSecurity Torx
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    How do you think of charge to 4V or 80% capacity?

    I use a UP100ac+ and you can adjust the level of amps charging or draining and set the cutoff min. If you tell it to charge to store, it will be 3.65v and turnoff.
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    Taking apart a recalcitrant 3 D cell Maglite

    What kind of CDR do you need in the flashlights. I saw that the CDR is low, but a big capacity 19Ah...
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    Taking apart a recalcitrant 3 D cell Maglite

    Couldn't LED's handle 3.6V....I didn't see min cut off voltage, but sure it is going to be 3.0 or 2.5V, if it's anything like a Li ion, which is the only thing I'm really familiar with...
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    Taking apart a recalcitrant 3 D cell Maglite

    How about this D cell primary battery?
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    Battery Brands

    Their main focus is on RC racing ,cars, boats, airplanes, etc. Plus they have a section about power tools. Once a year they come out with a best of. So that's why they mentioned flashlights. Best hi drain, best flashlight batteries, capacity, etc. Just named the Epoch as their best hi capacity...
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    Battery Brands

    I'd never even heard of them, and I mess with 18650's all the time. Went to their site. They are a protected cell, probably why I hadn't heard of them. We use unprotected cells. I guess they're all right. I don't like that they do not list the cells CDR. So important. They look good, pricey as...
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    Old LiIon Battery voltage settling/drop after full charge

    Good article in the Power Stream site. Also excellent article about dual pulse Capacitor Discharge spot welders...
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    Old LiIon Battery voltage settling/drop after full charge

    I nice meter goes out as far as 1.484v
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    I'm trying find out if the Li ion pack has a charger that can use the charging port in ur radio...

    I'm trying find out if the Li ion pack has a charger that can use the charging port in ur radio. NiCD like 1.2-1.5V, NiMH is .2-.5V, and Li ion is 3.8-4.2V.....hopefully I'll find, worse case , instead of a dedicated charger like this