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    Noctigon KR1vn - Highest Performance 18650 Compact Thrower R

    I’ve had this light for over a year, use it everyday, and it still functions the day it was made! Still perfect! 👏
  2. search_and_rescue

    how many of you play with your lights still?

    Great question! The next time we have a torrential downpour, I will catch a camera shot and post it to this thread. Aha! I have a Sofirn SD01 dive light for this task!
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    how many of you play with your lights still?

    There’s a concrete storm drain basin called a “Wash” near my home. It is a straight shot distance of 0.42 mile with a structure at its far end from where I could stand. When the building’s security area light is on, it is practically impossible to tell if my flashlight beam has reached it...
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    Mateminco MT90vn+ = Farthest Reflector Thrower ...COMING SOON...

    Cloud layer at 5,000 feet? No Problem. 5,500 ANSI Lumens and 3Mcd.
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    Maxtoch LA60Svn - LEP Zoomie

    This light is so awesome, an inter-dimensional portal has been opened by its perfectly circular and powerful flood beam.
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    Spotlight for firemen

    The Los Angeles Fire Department relies on the Streamlight Fire Vulcan.
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    Hiking in the nude

    kg, Thank you for the tip!
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    Hiking in the nude

    I have the biggest fright of them all. After sunset, about 8:19 PM or sometimes later, but definitely by 9:00 PM, the local authorities lock the steel gate to Topanga State Park and additionally, they tow your car away! If the police catches you they will lock you up in prison! When I was...
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    The Lounge 2021

    I believe the new Lumintop GT94vn is a good searchlight. The reason I believe this is because I saw a Youtube video by SRD Lights with lots of beamshots. You wouldn’t know it by the title picture.
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    looking for a big light

    Hi Richbuff, I was struggling with illness for a few years and I’m finally well enough now to enjoy things. Yes I have acquired the Imalent R90TS for two reasons. 1. I notice the CREE XHP35 HI is being phased out of a lot of Manufacturers lineup. I know the Luminus is way more intense but I do...
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    Where do you think we'll top out with this lumen thing?

    Yes, Sir. I would recommend the Streamlight 4AA Lux flashlight to anyone needing an actual tool. Several years back my wife’s car door had issues. At night in a large CVS pkg lot. I showed up with my Surefire M6LT and it was way too bright to look at what was wrong with her car door. However...
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    Where do you think we'll top out with this lumen thing?

    Thermal Guy I think you may be quite right. I had a Summer deal to acquire the newest LEP. The thing tested 1.8Mcd and 502 ANSI lumens. It lights up a palm tree 300 meters away brighter than the MF05. The LEP uses only a single 21700 cell and is a pleasure to hold in the hand. It barely gets...
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    Where do you think we'll top out with this lumen thing?

    Well, it's nearing the last quarter of 2021. Last night I was comparing the Nitecore TM38 Lite to the Acebeam K75. At first the CREE XHP 35 HI appeared very intense. Then I turned on the Luminous SBT-90.2 and the thing made the CREE appear weak. How did Luminus do it? On another note, the far...
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    looking for a big light

    Wow! Richbuff this could be a true mimic of the powerful cruise ship or naval ship searchlights! I saw the video on YouTube and just one of these can reach and light up anything. Two of these powered on at the same time! Yes!
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    Positive Customer Service experience from Going Gear!

    A wonderful and nice personal touch!
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    Cheers to Greg at "BrightGuy".

    Thanks for this thread. Y’all reminded me the Streamlight 4AA Luxeon with Energizer Ultimate Lithiums would be the ideal “shtf” life-preserving flashlight. imho this could be an acceptable backup for a firefighter. The Los Angeles Fire Department already uses the Streamlight Fire Vulcan as...
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    LEP discussion thread: (White laser flashlights)

    Dear PhotonWrangler, I read Flashaholic’s testing of the Mateminco FW1/Astrolux WP3 and he got 502 ANSI lumens, 1.84Mcd throw and 3.8 Amps of current at the tail on turbo.