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  1. TooManyGizmos

    Nitecore Tube - $5.99USD & Free Shipping

    Re: Nitecore Tube - $5.99USD & Free Shipping ~ My 3 got to Florida in 27 days ...... one was D.O.A. (low charge) Worked OK after charging 80 min. & the wife was amazed . One is now clipped on her purse - to find things within . ~
  2. TooManyGizmos

    Problem with Lumapower MRV SK Hunters turning on and off immediately

    ~ Put the battery from the 6 year old light into one of the newer lights and see if it still turns off in one second. Maybe the batt's are not as charged as you think. They may be ready to be re-cycled. Test them on a digital volt meter and report your findings. ~
  3. TooManyGizmos

    Nitecore Tube and V54 TubeVN (5mm, rechargeable) review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO+

    ~ I'm going to buy some Plasti Dip and try painting it around the sides of the LED , leaving just the tip exposed . Maybe that will prevent the side glare , I hope . Not sure if it will stay on for long , but worth a try . ~
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    Accidental pocket dialing 911 - Galaxy Note Edge

    You said in your OP : I bought my son a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for Christmas - It was BAD LUCK to let him open his present early ....... It's NOT even Christmas YET. Since it's a design flaw .... see if the store will let you exchange it for an I-phone or return it Since it christmas time...
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    Accidental pocket dialing 911 - Galaxy Note Edge

    Sorry ....... now I understand. And Yes , I agree , it's a poorly designed "feature".
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    Accidental pocket dialing 911 - Galaxy Note Edge

    Well ....... sorry I couldn't help That's just another reason I don't own a modern phone. Contact your cell provider and demand a resolution . Ask THEM what is causing it ........... and WHY ???? Did you check the speed-dial list for "911" Are you saying modern phones don't even have a...
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    Accidental pocket dialing 911 - Galaxy Note Edge

    1st ... bear in mind I don't have a new modern phone ..... But I'll share my thoughts on your question . For any phone to AUTO-dial a number ..... doesn't that number have to be included in the SPEED-dial list and assigned to a button for single press dialing ? Or maybe on modern phones the...
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    Mozilla Firefox

    ~ Hey Orbital , What time saving things did they change ? Were they Add-on extensions ? TMG ~
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    what is the differnce between a button top and a non button top. (don't say a button!

    ~ If your light has a raised outer ring around the positive connection , that is done for polarity reversal protection . Only raised-button batteries will work in those lights. ~
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    500 Lumen - AAA Flashlight (photos) - Work In Progress - Part 2

    ~ Where will the Reviews be posted about this X-run of Torp's ? ~
  11. TooManyGizmos

    Replace custom LED screw-in with off-the-shelf? Help identifying

    ~ E-bay has LED bulbs in 12v. with E26/E27 screw base, corn-cob style. ~
  12. TooManyGizmos

    What neutralizes leaky Alkaline battery acid ? Search no work.

    ~ Thanks for the replies ........ I'll give vinegar a try . ( the distilled vinegar the wife uses for cleaning ) ~
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    Is there a definitive answer as to why Eneloops are so hard to find?

    Re: Why don't the big outdoor stores sell Eneloops? ~ Maybe cause when folks are outdoors and camping & such .... They don't have a charger to re-vitalize them or don't wanna bother. They also cost much more , so they'd rather spend that money on their other camping and outdoor gear. That's...
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    What neutralizes leaky Alkaline battery acid ? Search no work.

    ~ I searched for "alkaline battery acid" and got no results. I had one leak on my work bench in a hot garage ..... Can someone refresh my memory for what to use to remove it ? As I seem to recall ... the answer is not Baking Soda/water paste. Even though that does work on keaky Auto wet cells...
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    Brushed speed cotroller to run LED

    ~ Yep ...... and when they do ....... I'll buy some ! Just remember ... Edison was outdone by Tesla ..... in the long run ! ~
  16. TooManyGizmos

    Brushed speed cotroller to run LED

    ~ Some old guy named Einstein said you can't control the speed of light ~
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    Home Remedies, let's hear 'em..

    ~ Hick-up's - eat a teaspoon of sugar ...... it really works ! ~
  18. TooManyGizmos

    Close call I think

    ~ Reply in error - deleted ~
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    Tail light bulbs blowing - dealership says it's the bulb socket $400!?!

    ~ Ha ! ..... I'd be tellin JEEP Hey ... You Designed it ..... You Made it ! If it's Faulty ... you need to replace it ! UNDER WARRANTY ...... of course ! Ask em .. what did the owner DO to cause it ? I'd be FURIOUS with em ...... Sound like a LAME excuse to me ! ~
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    Anyone else who never made it onto the Facebook, Myspace, Twitter bandwagon?

    ~ Never have - Never will ! Won't put that much of my privacy on the internet. Besides ... I'm Boring. Nobody cares what I'm doing anyway. ~