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    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    Yes, some generators/inverters can be paralleled for more load there 120v outlets can not be series connected for 240v. The key fact is some generators w/o a 240v outlet will in fact produce 240v using both 120v outlets (dual windings)!!
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    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    My 4500w non inverter genny with two 120v outlets measured 240v hot to hot for easy well pump operation. Inverter types OR two gennys cant be seriesed up to do the same. This powers both sides of panel AND 240v loads.
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    Neat household MacGyver tricks you've learned

    How to get home fuel oil out of 275g top siphon tank with no pump. Wet/dry vac output just enough pressure but not too much to rupture tank. Obvious clone is 2 hoses in car gas tank with plastic bag rapped around - blow into one to start siphon - no gas in mouth!!