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    There aught to be a law!

    Michigan Motor Vehicle Code has it covered.
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    Where are all the 1AA flashlights these days?

    Streamlight makes a great one - 350 lumens! Plenty bright to light up a room or a back yard. It is the Protac 1L - its a 1AA light:
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    Which Flashlight For Wide Beam And Throw?

    Streamlight Stinger or Protac HL-X. See my beamshots in my other thread on the Surefire 6P
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    Surefire 6P questions

    2 is 1 and 1 is none!! Always have a backup.
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    Taking apart a recalcitrant 3 D cell Maglite

    Blowtorch. That's your only option. Report back with your findings. ******Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you actually do this********
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    Surefire 6P questions

    Well I have belt holders for both lights .... maybe I should carry both? Think anyone would mention it around the department? LOL
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    Surefire 6P questions

    Honestly that's a reason I keep putting my Stinger back on my belt. Today's thought was doing that and putting the protac or Surefire G2 in my pocket. The Stinger HL LED has just been the best light since the SL20x. I was on foot patrol last night after i posted this and I stopped an intox...
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    Surefire 6P questions

    ? ;)
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    Surefire 6P questions

    So I've used the lights on duty for a bit. I thought I'd update you guys on what I found and what I chose. POLYTAC X - the light was good overall. Good beam, good battery life. More a thrower than a flooder. I did not like the raised "cage" on the tailcap and it just wasn't brighter than my...
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    When was the last time you actually needed to use a flash light for 7 or more hours

    I think this is dependent on your usage. For work I had a search go on for about 2 hours in the woods. I basically sat on a tree line in a field and shined my light down the tree line looking for someone to pass through it. I remember having my Stinger that night and I had to change out the...
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    Surefire 6P questions

    Beam and throw is great! It really is a great light and really for the price I don't see a reason to send it back. I just don't like the cage on it. These are much more pronounced than any other light i've had them on. So did you steer me wrong? No, not at all. Good light. I see comments...
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    Surefire 6P questions

    I'm an addict. This is my gripe about the Protac HLX!! I don't like the caged edges prevents me from getting a good press on the switch. I got my Polytac X today and already I hate it just for that! They are much worse than the Protac. Much more raised or pronounced. I'll still...