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    Zebralight SC5 (1xAA, XM-L2) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!

    Logged in for the first time in a long time just to say thanks always. :)
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    Nitecore SENS CR, Mini, AA (1xCR123A/CR2/AA) Series Review: VIDEO, RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOT

    Re: Nitecore SENS CR, Mini, AA (1xCR123A/CR2/AA) Series Revie Mine arrived yesterday, and while the output, price, and build are great, I have to say I'm not a huge fan... In short, it feels like the light wants to be on High, and any adjustment towards the brighter spectrum happens at a...
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    Nitecore SENS CR, Mini, AA (1xCR123A/CR2/AA) Series Review: VIDEO, RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOT

    Re: Nitecore SENS CR, Mini, AA (1xCR123A/CR2/AA) Series Revie A bit late to the party, but I just noticed that the manual states that RCR123's are not officially supported, which might explain some of the inconsistent performance with RCR's...
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    Sold/Expired ARC4+ type clips Fits HDS EDC Closed

    Re: For Sale ARC4+ type clips Fits HDS EDC Sweeeet... How I've longed for this clip... ;D Thanks for doing this -- I can only imagine how much trouble it was, and I totally appreciate it! PayPal sent for: $14.50 clips x 2 = $29.00 $3.10 screw set x 2 = $6.20 Total = $35.20
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    Lexus LS600h: First car to use LED front lights

    Found one photo: from: ...from reading other articles I googled, it sounds like they all echo what is probably a press release: "...are also the world’s first...
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    Sold/Expired Pre order ARC 4+ type clip steel

    I took the liberty of tallying up the posts -- looks like we have 95 folks with varying degrees of interest (some conditional interest in there), but in any event, you're looking at ~120 orders. Hopefully this'll help determine how large a order you need to place... Now, the big question: Are...
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    Sold/Expired Pre order ARC 4+ type clip steel

    Hi Christoph, First off, thanks for your efforts to hook us up with an excellent HDS clip! I would like to order 2 clips and 4 screws. Just a suggestion -- you might want to put up a FAQ so that folks won't have to read through 6 pages of posts. :) As for Ti screws, I fail to understand...
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    $300.00 *** I Decided to go with the McLuxIII PD ***

    Re: $300.00 What would you buy??? If I had $300 lying around that I had to spend on a flashlight, I'd get a SureFire K2 KROMA or a SureFire U2. Both seem to be very good, versatile lights that are medium-sized. In my situation, I'd take that $300 and save it for the next-gen Arc (Arc5?) or...
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    K2 Kroma is now on Surefire's website.

    Oh, wait... it's called a K2 Kroma but the "K2" doesn't refer to a K2 LED? LOL, okay, my bad for assuming... ...I'm done. :)
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    K2 Kroma is now on Surefire's website.

    KDOG3, I have to admit I haven't seen the recent releases from SureFire that come with optics, so I'll be looking forward to that. Past experience suggests a tighter spot, but less spill, so I suppose it would seem brighter at the center... 270winchester, I'm not completely sure that by...
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    K2 Kroma is now on Surefire's website.

    I searched and read quite a few threads related to the K2, but couldn't find why the Kroma is only rated at 50 lumens. Did they do this to ensure a longer runtime? If I'm not mistaken, even the lower-output K2's should be more powerful than that...
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    Sold/Expired ● ● Stainless Steel Crenelated Bezel - PRODUCTION FINISHED ● ●

    Re: ● ● Stainless Steel Crenelated Bezel - PAYMENT & SALES THREAD Hi Pablo - I read through this thread, but wasn't sure of a few things... 1) You mentioned that you finalized on one design. ...but we can still specify if we want tritium holes or not? 2) When is the expected ship date for...
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    HDS Noise

    Just got my B42XR, and wow, the squealing / whining noise on primary is mighty loud. I can CLEARLY hear it in my noisy office from 6 feet away... In max mode, the buzzing is not as loud, and is inaudible past 12 inches... The L2 is silent at max output, but a slight whine can be heard in low...
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    FF1 vs. FF2 vs. FF3? What are the difs?

    I don't think there's a one-stop page that compares all of them... Off the top of my head, the FF1 was a LuxIII, twisty, one-off, black-colored anodizing that was made in small quantities. It used optics, which gave it a square beam, and had an angled keyring on its tail, which means it...
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    Where can I get a HDS 40 XR GT :)?

    $9 more for the 42XRGT would've been a crazy good deal. :p At this point, I'm hoping my 42XR order for $5 more made it through...
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    HDS 60 XR GT? Where to buy?

    After trying for a few weeks at the dealers, eBay, and on CPF, I gave up and ordered a B42XR for $95. The GT is nice, but I don't do crazy color-accurate work, and LuxIII/V colors are pretty darn good compared to the first-gen greenish LuxI's, so I *hope* I get a decent color. (EDIT - as if I...
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    2x123, pocketclip, 5watt, 2stage??

    Hey, welcome back. :) The L2, if it weren't so stupid long, would be my ideal pocket light. Actually, if the L1 had 3+ watt output while keeping its dual-stage, I'd be set. Oh well. Looks like I get to hunt for a HDS XRGT...
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    Pocketable (with clip) EDC Suggestions

    Good point. Actually, it's not so much or the cost or resale value that's causing me to balk -- it's the lower output, and inability to get a GTXR. I suppose I should just get a GT or XR and settle. Hmph. As for the A2 suggestion... The A2 is still too long -- I tried it, but no luck...
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    Pocketable (with clip) EDC Suggestions

    Thanks again for the suggestions... I would agree that the 42-series is a steal at ~$100, but going from my EDC of L2/L4, I'm not sure if the drop to a 42 would be too noticable. In the meantime, I'm willing to buy a 42-series for now, but unfortunately, XRGT's are out of stock everywhere...
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    Pocketable (with clip) EDC Suggestions

    Apologies for the selfish thread, but I've been away for a good year due to work, and despite two weeks of non-stop reading here + LEDMuseum + Quickbeam + Brock's sites, I haven't gotten caught up yet... hoping you folks would find it in your heart to help me out... I'm looking to...