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    Sold/Expired WTB Four sevens Quark 1xAA Tactical or QPA

    Like the title says i'm looking for a quark 1xAA (tactical ?) Or the QPA. Thanks
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    Suggest me a second headlamp

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I've added Spark to the list as well. Davidt1- Its been many yrs now but i believe it was an H501 i bought. I use it allot . In winter i use it every day going to the woodshed and in summer for camping. Very happy with it.
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    Suggest me a second headlamp

    Hello to everyone. Been many yrs since i was here. My zebra headlamp is still kickin 6? yrs now and the Quark AA as well. What i'm looking for is a second headlamp. There's too much new stuff for me to track it all down so i was hoping you folks can give me a few suggestions. Here's what i'm...
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    Moonlight mode--any good or just marketing?

    Moonlight mode is the most used on my Quark. Its great for middle of the night and first thing in the morning when eyes are sensitive . Its the best part of my quark for me.
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    Zebralight H501 Part 2

    thanks for the tip , i'll do that. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Flashlights you brought this month, September 2009.

    Just bought the Zebralight H501
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    Zebralight H501 Part 2

    Thanks to all you folks talking about the H501 i pulled the trigger yesterday. Now just three more weeks, )-;
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    New flashlight for winter

    I have a Quark AA running on a AW 14500,,crazy bright and still has the very low mode for the middle of the night activities.
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    Why did you name yourself "that" nickname for forum?

    Many yrs ago i moved to the Selkirk mnts,bc. from Vancouver. One day an old friend brought some folks for a visit, to visit the Mountain Man. I've been a big fan of african music and am a performer of shona mbira music so pretty soon mountain man became mbiraman . People don't actually call me...
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    Maratac AAA Q5 (Part 3)

    I got my black AAA today. Thanks very much to Standard Battery for making this happen. I'm a bit of a late comer to these lights and have nothing new to add that hasn't been said already and i've had the same response as many have which is , "boy this is small". Then comes, "this is a bright...
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    Stranded on an Island- Your Castaway EDC LED

    Well i didn't see any time frame in the initial post so i would take my Quark AA and in the Fedex box is a sat. phone, 2 pizza's and a gift card for $1000 to battery junction cause i'm out in a few days and going shopping.
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    Simple guide to using a DMM for measurements

    Great job HKJ. I was wondering . On the ZTS battery tester under 3.6v you see listed a number of batteries but not 14500. My aw 14500's are 3.7. Does it matter ?? . Can the 14500's be tested in the 3.6 spot??
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    Lost my EDC need a new one quick

    Grieving is different for everyone . You might have to buy a few lights, plus accessories,plus extra batteries , to heal the loss. We understand .
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    checking battery level with multitester???

    My wf139 doesn't have a way of checking what's left in a battery so i'm wondering is there a way to check that with a multi tester or does it just give you voltage potential. My tester is pretty standard acv , dcv and ohms. Thanks in advance.
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    The Quark lights thread! (Part 5)

    Thankx ; that gives me a little more clarity on the situation. Having recently come from the alkaline primary world into new high tech torch world with Lions and Nimhs its taking a little time to wrap my head around the new parameters. I was worried that i would use my light and then all of a...
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    The Quark lights thread! (Part 5)

    Does the possibility of discharging a battery to an unsafe level apply only to Lion cells or does it apply to Nimhs as well?.
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    The Quark lights thread! (Part 5)

    Welcome to the madness. You may start to go crazy but you'll have a good torch to light your way. Now i have to go fiddle with my light.
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    The Quark lights thread! (Part 5)

    Dhart; what's the lumin output and runtime of a 123x2 using a 17670 on high,,,mm,,and turbo??
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    Flashlights you bought this month, August 2009

    Bought a Maratac AAA in black the other day. Won't get it for a week or so but i think it will be the perfect light for my edc bag.