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    pens anyone?

    Suggest you try a Hybrid ink type pen a cross between ball and gel ink and many inside your budget.
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    Budget Smart Chargers

    Looks a real good deal.Have you checked 7dayshop for chargers ?
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    Firefly/sub lumens?? Why?

    Firefly/Moon mode should be renamed Lego mode as they really hurt when you seem to find them in the dead of night.
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    EDC, Single AAA, very simple, side clicky light?

    Looks great,can not find a UK stockist.
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    Firefly/sub lumens?? Why?

    When I first got interested all I wanted was a pocket searchlight and then I realised in actual use 100 lumens was fine and the abilty to go higher was a bonus which I liked.Down at the other end I use moon mode often in the early hours and the very lows on some lights are just not low enough.
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    Flashlight Selfies - around the world :)

    A very nice post love seeing the pics.
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    LD11 or D25A clicky?

    Presume then I could have it powder coated.
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    Help manufactur CREE LED for beer glass

    Where have you been ? Already been done have two in my cupboard which was bought years ago and they change colour.
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    LD11 or D25A clicky?

    I own 3 and after reading that want a TI version.
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    Tactical pens, pointed or blunt?

    I favour the aggressive end type but first priority it must be a good writer.
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    tunnel exploration shoulder led car battery backpack recommendation

    +1 from me also,headlamps make more sense to me.
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    LD11 or D25A clicky?

    D25A I support as well.
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    Not much knowledge

    Thanks but we use a battery called Pro Cell and have been for years,they seem to last for ages,change them in laser distance finders fairly infrequently.The field staff has no facilities for battery chargers and as the company is buying 100+ lights Pro Cell will be fine thanks.
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    Not much knowledge

    Thanks for your information but the loft space is for domestic dwellings here in England and many are very small,need it to check whether the customer has adequate loft insulation,we have more powerful light in the van if needs are.When working in loft space we use mains operated lights and air...
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    Not much knowledge

    What is wrong with Alkaline, please ? Our company buys bulk cases of AA...AAA for several battery devices around the works and for the tools like torch-laser distance equipment kept in our Utility vehicle,s.I have worked for them near on 18 years and have never known of a problem.Should I be...
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    Small battery storage/travel? 2-3 batteries.

    Very easy and cheap to buy,eBay has plenty of choices.
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    Not much knowledge

    Hi Guys Could do with a little help for my day job for inspecting loft space.I do not require a high power light as our utility vans are all equipped with a Led Lenser P7.2 and Head Lamps as the standard toolkit. My choice is down to a Fenix LD02 or Fenix E12 both of which seem ideal.Your user...
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    What year did you become a Flashaholic?

    Re: What year did you become a Flashoholic? Mid 2000,s I guess for me.
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    Fenix E01

    After reading thread I buyed Fenix EO1,very strong light and I like very much,cheaper here in GB than in my home Poland.Was little disappointed at how low bright it is so I gave to friend Igor and bought new Nitecore Tube.
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    eBay fraud on some high end lights

    I did get bited on that site,I buyed my English landlord a light for his christmas to show the damp in our apartment and it turned to be out a fake light.Wish I bought back from Poland.