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    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    The Honda 2000/2200 is one of the only small generators that has a fuel pump. Almost all the rest of them are gravity fed with the tank placed above the carburetor to gravity feed. Because the Honda has a fuel pump, it is able to take advantage of a special cap with an extended run time boat...
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    good reason to NOT prefill your oil filter

    I have over 10,000 post on the oil forum. I’ve studied and been fascinated with tribology for decades. I know a bit about motor oils. What’s in the bottom of your oil container is some of the additive package falling out of suspension. Most oil companies advise to use motor oil within 2 years...
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    Energizer AA Lithium

    Dave, what methodology are you using to come to the conclusion that new in package batteries are at 0-60% charge?
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    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    I’m doubtful that link is a legit company. Lots of scam links out there… advertise too good of a price, too good to be true, take the money and never deliver product.
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    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    I owned a small engine shop for a number of years. A couple things. I don’t know what the fuel consumption is on an idling Nissan 2.2L engine. I would have thought it would be more than 4 gal per day, but maybe that figure is correct. BUT, that’s an engine with no load. Fuel consumption on...
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    Master thread for disasters and generators.

    If charging batteries with a Nissan car engine is option one, I would rapidly come up with option 2. A car engine uses WAY too much fuel to consider it a serious option for battery charging. Just get a 2000 watt inverter generator. Most have a 79cc gas engine and they can idle down when the...
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    Automatic knives, valid for use?

    Former law enforcement with lots of self defense training. My opinion? Just carry something with a flipper. They are just as fast. If you stab someone you are probably getting arrested. In my training it was explained that most jurisdictions are extremely bias against stabbing use weapons in...
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    18650 room lamp?

    I have several Streamlight Siege lanterns and like them. You can get them in models that use AA, 18650, D batteries or built in rechargeable battery.
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    Surefire L1 with 2 stage tailcap doesn't go high when it twisted to end.

    They sent me a new tail cap about 2 years ago for my ancient 4 flats L2. The anodizing doesn’t match and I would prefer to rebuild or fix the original tail cap…. So at least they still had tail caps about 2 years ago.
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    Surefire Scout Light Pro M640DF - which 18650 are compatible? Problems?

    I have the light and it doesn’t flicker …
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    Surefire Scout Light Pro M640DF - which 18650 are compatible? Problems?

    It’s a good light. And a good battery. I think I heard it’s an LG 3500 battery. Sure fire has said that light needs ten amps and that the Surefire 18650 can meet the demand.
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    Energizer AA Lithium

    I think the 20 year life span is rather new. I seem to remember the last pack of Lithium AA batteries I bought a few years ago only having a ten year shelf life.
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    Bringing a 6P in to the 21st Century

    I think what you meant to say was, "The body of the light acts like a heatsink. It draws heat away from the LED module. You WANT a good transfer of heat, away from the LED module, and into the body of the flashlight." Fixed it for you.
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    Bringing a 6P in to the 21st Century

    I found my old 6P last year, and like you, said, this thing can be useful again. I put a Keepower 16650 rechargeable battery in it, and dropped a Malkoff M61 warm low low low light in it. I think it has like 60-70 lumens for 10 hours or so.... before needing recharged. Its the perfect...
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    【Discussion】What's your favorite flashlight and why?

    My ancient Surefire L2 four flats still to this day is my night stand light. Surefire replaced the switch with a new one a few years ago, but she has been old reliable for me. Just the right amount of light, and not too bright, for a bed side light. Two brightness levels, with just the push of a...
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    Surefire tactician

    The easiest question ever answered. Its for a home defense flashlight, you use CR123 batteries. All home defense guns should have a white light mounted to them if possible. I can recommend the Streamlight TLR8A for the Beretta Pistol if you dont already have a light mounted.
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    Original Surefire A2 Aviator - worth upgrading anymore?

    Yes, has anyone tried the new Lumens Factory LED drop in module for A2 lights?
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    Flashlight buying advice for Neighbourhood Watch program

    I’d use a 12V spotlight that plugs into the cigarette plug for in car use. Bright as all get out and no batteries needed. Then a rechargeable Streamlight LED of some flavor in the car, and a single 18650 light on the belt in a holster of the patrol officers.
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    Weapon mount light suggestions

    Check out CDM gear for the mount. Elzetta shotgun mount is also nice for the price. Get a single output Malkoff and be done. What’s your life worth? (Buy once, cry once) No on 18650 batteries. You use rechargeables when you use the light a lot, to save money. A weapon light is going to be...
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    Surefire L1 digital lumamax

    Here is my 6th (and final?) generation L1 (flat glass, no dome) next to my well used four flats L2. Surefire was OUT OF THEIR MIND to discontinue the L1 and not upgrade it, to discard it to the dust bin of history. And just last week, I emailed Surefire to ask if they still had tailcaps for the...