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    Why I Buy Maglite

    I buy Mag because no other brand matters as much to me decade after decade after decade. I have ten on the way from Mag Insturment. People act like they hate them but they offer the most for such a fair price.
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    Smell you all later I'm soo happy to be homlesss

    Redo an Airstream they are only 8k used.
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    Finding a Buyer in Europe?

    How does one go about finding someone in the EU to make purchases for EU market only items and send them elsewhere?
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    Seems like all the 4 AA lights are gone

    Does anyone remember the Energizer Double Barrel AA lights?
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    Headlight vs flashlight

    I use headlamps off and on. Usually in times when I'm not doing lights as a hobby I'll only use a headlamp from Petzl or Princeton Tec. I don't find them exciting like flashlights so I don't buy many. I've broken a Zipka and another got stolen, both were Petzls.
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    Oh, I know. I like having more colour.
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    you are only allowed one flash light for rest of your life.What is it ?

    That is why my choice would center more around design of the light than power or function. The only time I went for an extended time without electricity C/D MagLites got me through just fine. STick a 5 or 4 D cell down the side of a couch and bounce light off the ceiling to light a room. The...
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    Seems like all the 4 AA lights are gone

    I mentioned UK because it is most certainly a light you can get in USA because it is made here. The quality is high enough that some people here have them. I had a rebranded one back in the day. Bright Guy out of Ohio sells them.
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    High pitched whine coming from new flashlight

    My Streamlight Sidewinder does this and some other lights. Don't worry about it.
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    Seems like all the 4 AA lights are gone

    What about Pila or UK poly lights?
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    Maglite 4 D cell ML300L

    Are Ansmann rechargables any good?
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    Flip flops

    I used to have a pair of tactical flip flops from skdtac in multicam now I have a pair from brasil. Strange showers are scary places to go barefoot.
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    Pre-krypton minimag bulbs

    I've used every kind of MiniMaglite bulb. I'll never forget losing my first bulb in a waterbed only to find it a month later or better yet discovering a hidden spare in the tailcap. When I had them both burned out I would even use my allowance monies to get more at True Value which was costly...
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    LEP Lights Made Outside of China

    Some design firm crafted some for Energizerin the 90s and Wolf Eyes is so popular there you would swear it is from AU. I too would like a made in USA LEP but I'm leaning more towards a Nitecore for the time being.
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    fcuk Elzetta Who hadn't seen the Yellow Charlie for $300+, I got out my own Charlie and looked at the turn cap and pointy bezel and could just imagine replacing two sets of parts here in a month or so. Instead I go for something Spanish instead.... I thought I saved a bundle buying this from...
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    Yes please post pics.
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    Inside the Wuben flashlight factory!

    Don't make jokes maybe they get lost in translation. It is really great that they let someone film production and the like. I don't see American flashlight companies being this open. Knowing they produce Reylight I think it is neat knowing more back story this time on the production side of...
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    They really like if you wrap a rag around a stick and soak it in fuel and hold it under their nests. Lit of course.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I liked Arc back in the day and had two at some point but gave them to some people. Last year I see their website and decide to buy one but they are now out of buisiness. I guess Peak is the closest I'll get now. That said I have a Brinkmann incan, Mag Solitaire LED, and SF Titan which never get...
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    Show your nightstand flashlight!

    I nearly bought a UV version of that a few months back.